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No Interruption Zone

Discussion in 'Healthcare Reform Discussions' started by MHA 507, May 13, 2019 at 3:45 PM.

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  1. MHA 507

    MHA 507 Guest

    Adopting a “no interruption zone” (NIZ) for patient safety not only changes the atmosphere in healthcare organizations. NIZ was created to help lower distractions during critical times, in efforts to prevent mistakes. NIZ suggest that there is a universal code word such as Delta that if spoken will stop all conversation, stop most activities, lowers music, and allows all focus to be on the critical situation at hand. There has been several researched done to see if no interruption zone was effective and necessary. According OR Manager a research study was held on 18 surgical residents “8 of 18 (44%) of the participants made major errors when there were distractions and interruptions. Only 1 out of 18 (6%) did so when there were none” (Harden 2013 p.1 ).

    There are prerequisites that need to be done before implementing NIZ. The agency that will be implementing NIZ must introduce safety training to their staff as well. Ordinarily, “At the Nebraska medical center only 69% of staff would speak up if someone in a higher position made a mistake. After the safety training the percentage increased to 93%” (Harden 2013 p. 2). In a surgical environment the surgeon is responsible to remind the staff of NIZ and if he or she forgets, any staff member can speak up and do so.

    Although NIZ is great for a healthcare organization and helps ensure patient and staff safety, the key issue with implementing this process is funding. Personnel in procedural areas from the physicians to the secretaries are required to take training within 6 months of joining the organization. If staff does not comply credentials could be suspended until it is completed.

    NIZ would be a great asset to my current work place It would be a great benefit that not only educates staff, but helps ensure patient and staff safety. By encouraging training, it consequently allows staff to speak up, and work together as a team. By implanting this new practice, it could help further educate staff, reduce delays in patient care, reduce mitigating errors, improve teamwork and communication, provide a safer working environment, build co-worker relationships, and reduce medication errors.

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