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NuVasive, anyone, anyone?

Discussion in 'NuVasive' started by Anonymous, Aug 24, 2007 at 4:18 PM.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Any update on layoffs? When, sales or internal?
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Go to google news and type in nuvasive. Currently being hyped by Bloomburg and JP Morgan for outlook into 2011.

    Beckers Ortho and Spine is saying average surgery time is about 3.5 hours. 5% blood loss of patient. 3 days recovery in the hospital.

    ""The procedure was also found to be cost-effective.""

    If the customer is being billed for a fusion, they should be getting a fusion. Not rip out their disc and hammer in a hunk of plastic and close up the patient...no fixation.

    sure is cost effective....for the people pocketing the money. Think it's about time somebody filled their pockets with all the money they can get and flee the country before the story unravels. The dots are coming into view to be connected.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Once again, I don't work for NuVasive, an honestly, don't like them or their team at all. But you seem to think you have an issue with the Manufacturer, instead of the surgeon. The surgeon used the product "Off Label." Focus your bitterness towards the surgeon.

    Where are you located? Who is the surgeon?