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Nuvasive counter-suing Obama?

Discussion in 'NuVasive' started by Anonymous, Nov 25, 2013 at 8:50 PM.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    So President Obama's Team sicked the IG of the Dept. of Health and Human Services on Nuvasive......

    What did they tell Nuvasive they did wrong?

    The process of ripping out peoples spine disks and hammering plastic spacers into them without using fixation.....wasn't pioneered by Nuvasive. It was actually first done in the 90's during "Cage Rage #1". In Court Nuvasive could prove the FDA blessed them to create "Cage Rage #2" and repeat the money making venture all over again.

    THE only thing Obama could be threatening NUVA with, is charging the Fed's for spine fusions....when no spine fusions were done. BUT Nuvasive could win in court since they can prove private insurance has been paying them for a full spine fusion under their coding.

    So why isn't NUVA counter suing Obama? Obviously all these lawsuits now since Obama sicked the IG on NUVA has effected their creditability/ stock price. Why isn't NUVA counter suing for defamation\libel?

    There has been NO FDA recall/ or even a warning about Nuvasive's products-technique. They are still allowed to do XLIF's on people today....without fixation. PLUS Nuvasive always can fall back on the age-old technique of blaming the surgeons..."THEY failed to use fixation"...not NUVA.

    Wait a minute...NUVA never bills Medicare/Veteran Affairs for spine surgery.....surgeons do....how's Obama even claiming Nuvasive overcharged Medicare-Veterans Affairs?? The surgeons weren't Nuvasive.....doesn't this seem fishy to you????

    NUVA needs to counter-sue Obama...he already shook them down for that new medical implant tax from ObamaCare...stand up for yourselves NUVA!! Threaten those California Democrats by announcing your moving your HQ from San Diego to Brazil!!

    Will NUVA stand up for itself?? Will we ever get to read the IG subpoena Obama sent to Nuva to find out what's going on???
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    This is what Obama is doing to Nuvasive:


    ...and they're also now going after Spine Surgeons who did "Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery"....and billed for full spine fusions:


    Since Trans1 only got fined $6 million...Nuva will be fined around the same.This small loss will reduce their Tax Liability for 2014 (they won't be fined until after the New Year). It won't effect their bottom line..at all.

    Poor Pakistani Spine Surgeon that was working in Ohio who is in link #2 actually was a good spine surgeon and did a good job helping people. They yanked his passport and got him on greed....over billing/ charging for spine fusions when he only hammered plastic spacers into people without fixation.

    NUVA won't be effected by their fine.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The Democrats in California are not going to let Nuvasive get fined. They will protect San Diego.

    Nuvasive ain't gettin touched.

    NASS said it's ok to bill under the full spine fusion code in 2009.

    Federal Anti-Kickback Statute....lol....They are the ones who PUSH the policy. If that Dr. down in Brazil for Nuvasive wasn't getting kick-backs...America wouldn't be peddling medical techniques/devices down there. He ain't doin' it for charity....and all those surgeon's getting flown east towards Europe-the Gulf on Nuva's dime weren't getting "kick-backs".....ole Nate Quary wouldn't have been able to get over there to get his revision surgery since his xlif didn't pan out. Those Surgeon's aint goin over there for nothin'....it's all about tha Benjamins..$$$$

    ...."Better Way Back"...lol....ain't Nate still on Nuva's dime and still not working?
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    you are a fuckin troll. You leave your fingerprint on every one of your dumb, misinformed posts ("hammering plastic spacers into people's spines"). You realize that hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of PEEK cages go in patients every year, from over a hundred different companies. Why are you targeting NuVasive?