Opportunities are diminishing but not gone

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    I have been watching and reading here for a while, and see the frustration over those trying to hustle to make some extra money on the side, only to get screwed by the master distributor, lab liaison, lab broker, etc. There are two solutions.
    1. set up with a national lab that takes 1099 employees.
    2. set up with a lab organization that offers complete services in your designated geographical area.
    The former is not tricky, but will pay substantially less per sample. The latter is a better structure for contracting rates, etc. If you are in one locale, focus on a local in-network lab. The bonus would be if you have a local hospital affiliation that does not charge ridiculously high amounts on their charge masters. The best solution would be a group that has broad/nationwide service (by combining multiple local products). Any group that controls the billing/receivables will control the system. ie. Lab "A" performs test, and Company "B" handles your contract and the lab's billing. In this situation, Company "B" has control, and the lab cannot run rogue. This protects you and your commissions.
    I agree with many posts about who the bad players are, though some get listed (in my opinion) because of axe grinding. At this point very few organizations operate transparently. As this thread matures, I can share specifics.
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    I am in one of those networks now, and get paid weekly. It only took 8 or 9 bogus labs to get here. Luckily, my offices are very happy with them.