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Osteocell Plus vs. Trinity Evolution

Discussion in 'NuVasive' started by Anonymous, May 14, 2009 at 3:03 AM.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    This is a simple procedure. Find a good private practice guy (no residents) and get it done. I would recommend a fellowship trained neursurgeon who specializes in spine as opposed to brain. Pick a guy who seems like he could re-finish your basement or build a deck. You want a good carpenter, as this is essentially what a spinal fusion is. Artificial Disk technology is still in the practice stage, so I would avoid it. You wont notice much loss of motion with a 2 level fusion. Do not let them put infuse in your neck.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I concur. An anterior cervical distectomy and fusion is one of the most successful spine surgeries with the best fusion rates. There are even fellowship trained nueros or orthos that specialize just in the cervical. A busy surgeon will do 10 of these a month with great results. Like above poster said, don't let them use Infuse (you don't need it in the cervical anyway). ask your surgeon for a ceramic or a Beta Tri Calcium Phosphate (very popular) with a collegen base and have them add bone marrow apsirate from the hip (not illiac crest bone, it can be too painful). Find a surgeon that doesn't care about OR time and only cares about preparing your endplates correctly. Good LUck
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    I too have a herniation in C5-C6. I had tried steroids, etc. and found great pain and nerve symptom relief through acupuncture therapy. I hope this helps.
  4. Anonymous

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    Please explain the difference

    "have them add bone marrow apsirate from the hip (not illiac crest bone, it can be too painful)."
  5. Anonymous

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    Pretty sure he meant - don't let them take the iliac crest BONE (autograft) from the hip but it's OK to draw BMA from the hip (if using an inert carrier). The bone marrow aspirate presumably contains MSC's and other growth factor goodies which can be combined with a good carrier, and obviate the need to harvest hip bone autograft.

    I agree - don't do autograft. But I don't recommend the carrier/BMA approach for a lot of reasons it would take too long to describe. I personally recommend allograft (sourced from MTF). If you don't have any other significant health issues (smoking, diabetes, osteoporosis) then your cervical fusions will heal fine. And it's safe. The allograft bone is dead, de-celled, de-fatted and sterilized.

    I have had 2 cervical fusion surgeries, 5 years apart or so. Both were 2 level fusions so I've had 4 levels in which allograft bone was used. I went with a neurosurgeon who did mostly spine (as recommended earlier). He did a really good job, with great results for several years. But as can happen with time/age and continued athletic activity, the adjacent levels can take more load and may degenerate faster. Especially if the other adjacent cervical discs are already degenerated. So I started having severe radiculopathy and loss of feeling again some years later. That second surgery was a little more tricky and I couldn't get the same neurosurgeon - he had stopped doing spine surgery. I went with another neurosurgeon and it came out OK. Living with chronic neck pain is not a life. I put both surgeries off too long, when looking back. I could have been pain-free, as I am now, so much sooner. Good luck.
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    """I am outraged that there are not clinical trials to determine the safety and efficacy of many of these products, but especially trinity, osteocel plus, trinity evolution."""

    The FDA adopted "Bayesian Statistics", no more clinical trials to prove safety. Instead "we'll look at data as it comes in to see if it's safe".

    Paper drafted in 2006...publicly released in 2010:


    ""'Gotta create jobs & money"""