Pharma Managers Cause PTSD

Discussion in 'The Darkened Sample Closet' started by anonymous, Apr 12, 2020 at 9:31 PM.

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  1. anonymous

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    Can anyone explain why so many managers in the pharma business are flat out psychopaths/ sociopaths?? I have had some super crazy managers in my 20 years of pharma, some of them just plain evil. I had one at Amgen that was so mean and crazy a couple reps on our team had to seek counseling. She HATED the contract reps who were on the team, and systematically targeted and fired every one of us. In the process, she traumatized us to the point where we have PTSD from it to this day. Several HR complaints were made against her, but you know the story—HR always sides with the manager no matter what. Have any of you out there had a similar experience?

  2. anonymous

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    Yes!!! This happens ALL the time, especially in big pharma. Try working for a smaller company. By the way, was her name Lucy? I feel your pain!
  3. anonymous

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    because companies like Amgen are garbage.

    if you are in this situation, just look for another job. let them pay you to look for a job. and, don't bother selling anything or working hard for these psychopaths/sociopaths, as they don't appreciate anything.

    instead, just get signatures (if that is important to the job) and smile. laugh your way to another job. if the manager has a field ride scheduled for you, just call in sick.

    you will get a job soon enough.

    just watch your back at all times if you do this.

    as for PTSD, I feel for you. it does happen. get professional help for this. in fact, that is another option for you, that is to go on short term disability for "stress", and you can get paid usually 2/3 or 1/2 of your pay on short term disability. make sure you are covered before you make that move.

    don't let these narcissists push you around. that is the lesson here. set good boundaries for yourself, and hire an attorney if you need to.

    best to you. !
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    No, it was Diana. And she’s still in pharma as a manager, although now with another company.
  5. anonymous

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    No actually I was talking about a retired Abbvie manager from the NW.
  6. anonymous

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    Are you talking about that retired Abbvie manager from the NW?
  7. anonymous

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    Coleen Foss!