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Discussion in 'TargetRx' started by Anonymous, Sep 15, 2011 at 10:21 PM.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Employee <#10, sad to see the day. Although I've fallen out with ML (who hasn't, unfortunately), I have to salute his vision and drive (and thank him for the opportunity he created for all of us) the investors who provided us a place to learn and contribute, the clients who played along and most all, the fantastic, talented and committed TargetRxers that have gone through 120 and 220 Gibraltar's doors for the last 11 (!) years. Quite an experience.

    God speed to those still in the company and best of luck with the transition w/IRx.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Very nice message as to ten year history but your savior Mike Luby (ML) was a learning on the job CEO who tried his best. Unfortunately he was out of his element and never learned the ropes of CEO status and focused on the wrong issues. The Board realized these shortcomings (note after investing millions) and replaced ML with CS whose ass was crushed by ImpactRx who ended up acquiring Target for pennies. The winners are ImpactRx and those who will wind up owning this mosquito fart world. Those who lost? 1. Target investors; 2. Mike Luby- idea for Target was too late and behind your peers from Merck; 3. Mr. Scott probably número uno loser! Three years ago you were given $10 million for Target from VC and marching orders to ressurect the dead. This week you sold for how much?

    The winners- to be determined yet it appears it is those who toiled at ImpactRx.

    Good bye!
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It's nice to see someone give Mike the praise he deserves:

    Short-sighted sometimes, yes - but he believed passionately enough in his vision to get it funded and turn it into a viable business that provided a generous livelihood for several hundred people for a decade - that's impressive, and few people get to make that impact in other people's lives - thank you Mike!

    Yes, he was eventually in over his head, and that inexperience caused the bad judgement that saddled us with a terrible COO he hired in the mid-00's, but we stuck with him because we believed too, and his courage, loyalty, hard work and fundamental decency kept us going when it appeared clients would not - hard times for us all, but we survived together

    I'm pleased to see the kudos to Mike because there are few for current management, and probably deservedly so - given the chance, and the dollars, they lost the place completely in three years for chump change- the same workers have been here all that time, so what did the new management lack?

    Pretty much summed up on the other TRx threads...they lacked exactly what Mike used at the end of the day to hold us all together through thick and thin: vision, passion, courage, moral decency, ethics and honesty.

    Seems those seven little words will have turned ten years of our daily sweat into maybe two weeks of severance for many of us in this family

    Goodbye my good friends, and good luck to us all!
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    For all of his failings at least ML had the balls to go out and start a company on his own. Despite everything else I have respect for that.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    He also blew through a lot of cash as he started his Company. Millions and millions. Yet he was a visionary in how not to motivate a work force. For what it is worth Mr. Scott was no more adept. $10 million in 3 years. Well the book is finally closed and it is time to move on. Adios mi amigos y tu buenos noches!