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Rotech Healthcare

Discussion in 'Tell Me About Your Company' started by rjmccray, Nov 9, 2007 at 10:47 AM.

  1. rjmccray

    rjmccray New Member

    Oct 26, 2007
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    Anyone have any experience with this company? Any info would be of help. I have a F2F interview with them next week. I thought it was odd they called me and set up a F2F right away...no screening, no PI.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    RUN! I worked for them for about a year, it wasn't the worst company but they definitley don't have their shit together.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Bumping this. My other half has been suffering here for four or five months now.

    In summary:

    Can't get o2 to patients, minimum 4-6 hour delivery time. TOO SLOW. People DIE.

    ZERO field information, no market share stats, no numbers to assess territory.

    Horrible, horrible management.

    They will hire anyone. I've met some of her coworkers, and while nice people, they are lazy. Plain and simple. Not a single killer in the organization. Regional comes in, sees the horrible numbers, and makes claims of "shaking things up around here!" Too bad they forget the "Or else!" part of that conversation. I think you have to kill your bosses first born to get fired there.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    RoTech has extremely high employee turnover which is ALWAYS a sign of a badly managed company, no exceptions. This is true just about everywhere in the company although, as one previous poster correctly observed, RoTech is really not one company but a sort of patchwork of companies RoTech bought so it's entirely possible for there to be a cohesive, happy group of RoTechers in one place but not in another.

    I'll tell you some tidbits about RoTech in my area. About 16 years ago they bought my company and another one in my area for a total of half a dozen or so locations. I lost my general management job immediately. They brought their own person to run these new acquisitions and they all quickly went to hell. One of their larger offices is less than a mile from my house so I cruise through their office park occasionally to see what I can see. One Sunday a couple weeks ago there were cars and trucks all over the place and all the doors were open and the place was a whirlwind of activity. Keep in m ind I'm talking about Sunday. So I played dumb and asked some of the people what was going on since I'd never seen any signs of life at this office on a Sunday before. They told me their stock was in the toilet, "people" were coming in to inspect them, rumors were flying that Apria or someone else was gonna buy them, they were going through managers so fast they hardly learned a new manager's name before that one was gone and someone else was there, everybody was afraid for their jobs and everybody was looking.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    why would anyone waste their time with rotech?
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I know a local Manager for Rotech in Pa. Her regional Manager is constantly calling and yelling and threatening her. It's no wonder this company has such a high turnover rate within the local manager market.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    No no no no no!!!! I worked for Rotech for a year. They don't know what their doing. I just switched to another DME company recently and WOW, what a difference! They overwork you, underpay you, and are always up your you know what. I am all about patient care and Rotech is far from it. Run! That's my best advice and I hope to god that you take it. One of my coworkers that was sales read all about how awful Rotech was before she accepted the position. She said she "didn't think it could be that bad." She left before her 90 days were up. She wishes she would have listened now.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Thanks for the intel. Which DME company did you switch to . . . I am in the same situation?
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I have been with Rotech for almost 15 years, great company to work for, good benefits. These people evidently did not like hard work or to work. Whose word are you going to take, someone who could not make it 90 days, much less a year or someone who has been there nearly 15 years? There is always 2 sides to every story.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I worked for my company for 5 years before ROTECH bought it and then I worked another 5 years after Rotech bought it. So I have just 10 years to your 15 but I can say this about my 5 years with BLotech.

    From the time they bought my company they gave little to no direction... after a year or more with the company we get our first visit from our Area manager. At 2.5 years into the deal I started looking for a new job and even started working weekends at local hospital because I did not like what I was seeing.

    I do not take lightly to coruption. (Pushing Meds on patients that do not need or want them). There is a lot more to be said but others have already give you the clues you need to decide.

    I left in 2003. Glad I did.

    Take a look at ROHI stock price hstory. in 2003 it was $35.00 per share. Today and for the last year it has been under .50 cents. for most of the year more like under ten cents. For the last 2 years it was under $3.00. Are you getting the picture? Sinking ships need more Rats! (are you a rat?)

    Horrible company to work for.

    Now who are you going to believe.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I agree - the management is clueless! I worked for them for 1 year. I tried to explain operations needs to Regional Mgr. who only cared what her reports looked like to her boss.

    The the more work the more they EXPECT YOU TO WORK! I was a store manager so no overtime & NO THANK YOU's. It was the only job I got so fed up I just walked out - no notice...boy did that feel good.

    I did love the patients but the company doesn't seem to.
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I have seen a couple of vague things about Pacific Pulmonary buying Rotech or maybe it's the other way around. Anyway, it's kind of funny because you will see the same types of comments that are posted here about Rotech posted about Pacific Pulmonary on that thread. Sounds like they were made for each other!
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I worked for Rotech nearly 7 years then position was eliminated..I came back about 6 months ago.. (after being away for 3 years) now so much has changed..They got rid of our
    RT's, ( I'm not an RT I just play one at Rotech on a daily basis) explain how this is good
    patient care. They have good benefits but they work you to death. Every project is top
    priority.. needing to get done NOW....it's very stressful.. but the way company's are laying off
    I am happy to have a job......
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I have worked for Rotech for 10 years now. I have three other employees in my office that has been there as long as me. All companies have their ups and downs and all companies have turnover. If they didn't, you wouldn't be looking for a job right now. You take the good with the bad. Yes, it has its problems, but it also has its positives. It is a great company. It is a BIG corporation. When you work for a corporation, it is about the ALMIGHTY dollar. You make your job what it is. I could tell you bad and good things about every job I have had. Great benefits, great employees, great pay, and a job. That is Rotech. So take it for what it is worth. You have good and evil in all jobs.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Uh, Oh..Get ready to be crucified.