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RS Medical

Discussion in 'RS Medical' started by Anonymous, Aug 20, 2008 at 3:17 PM.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Why are there so many openings at this company? What's the deal?
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Because it's a scam... Worked there last year for about 3 months - Got the job and realized it immediately, took me a month and half to get another job, if not, I would've left after training...
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Its always at the top of list of "worst medical companies to work for." Do a search and you'll see.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Terrible management
    Commoditized products
    Poor reimbursement
    Inadequate pay & low commission
    Broken sales model

    Need I say more.....????

    Oh, and B.H. the VP of Sales was also a convicted felon! Amazing how this guy has the position he does!!!

    Stay far away. I just got out and every recruiter I've spoken with has told me that about 3/4 of the salesforce is looking.

    If RS Medical was a public company it would have been out of business by now or it would have been sold and the salesforce vaporized.

    I would rate it as one of, or quite possibly THE WORST device company to work for. Stay away, and if they're looking at you RUN FAST.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    currently in RS Medical training and now have the opportunity to get into a pharma position immediately. Any advice welcome.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Take the pharma gig now if you can! Several of us are looking at getting back into pharma after being here. Reason being that we can and do sell but everyones numbers continue to plummet here and you know how well that goes over in an interview. You will make more money in pharma than at RS Medical these days anyway. With the economy the way it is you should seriously take the pharma gig. Also, if you're out at training ask to see the letter sent out to everyone last week by R.T. noting that we will be cutting employees shortly. New reps and ones in unprofitable territories will be the first to go.

    My advice if you have to stay - bust your ass and blow out your easy ramp goals if they keep you. Doing over 100% of plan on ramp really looks good when you go into an interview no matter if its pharma or device. If you stay after you're done with your ramp period you'll get bushwacked like the rest of us and really have a difficult time making a speedy exit.

    Good luck,

    -Current RS Medical employee trying to get out after 4 years here and making less money each year than the one before.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I worked for RS Medical for 3 years. At first everything was great. I loved working there. Then it happened. The lies, the poor management. It was horrible. I recently left there for a much better job. Before it was see a patient and maybe just maybe you will get something torwards commission. I saw almost 60 patients a month and could not make the minimum anmount. They tell you that it will be covered and this time the system will work and it does not. It is amazing! They are closing the last week of the month becasue they can not afford to keep it open and you have to take 2 days off a month with out pay. They cut back the "big trip" from Mexico to a weekend in Vegas!!! The company is losing 1.4 million a month. Next is going to be cutting back everyones wages or even another lay off. Yes I said it. November 3 2008 they cut 20% of the work force. And my understanding more is to come. They cut the medicare department and all new reps. They cancelled all training classes until they have 3 months of consecutive growth. Good Luck to them because they have not had any growth in almost a year. You know a company is doing bad when they have a memo that reads if we do not use 411 we will save $1,000 a month. Yeah that is where the problem is. Try management. It is a little heavy right now. Lets keep upper management but lay off the most recent sales class.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    You are extremely fortunate that you were able to find another gig in this economy. Then again, it's not very hard to find a job paying more money than what we are making at RS Medical these days. I came in at around the same time as you did and completely agree, things couldn't be worse. Reimbursement is dropping like a lead weight, the amount of paperwork with private insurance and Medicare to get things paid is overwhelming, and corporate simply thinks that new products are the answer - I don't care if I have a catalog of products to sell, if insurance doesn't cover those products then what good are they to us in the field?

    Every time I hear of someone going on an interview managers tend to look at an RS Medical rep like they have two heads when they try to explain that RS Medical doesn't do any annual or semi-annual reviews, or, that RS Medical doesn't adjust representatives goals based on territory changes like losing a big insurance contract, or a product from your bag (like Bionicare), and that there are no merit increases based upon your individual performance in relation to your regional counterparts or national ranking, and that we have no sales contests other than the annual run towards Presidents Club. They ask me where my incentive lies beyond simply trying to hit my commissionable revenue point monthly? Come to think of it, that's a very good question. I suppose it's trying to just get over 16K in sales every month so I don't end up on a performance plan. This all probably bodes well for RS Medical in that it makes our exit strategies all that much harder b/c all a prospective hiring manager can get from us is our ranking, # of units monthly, and monthly sales $ number. At this point I'd consider going to a pharma gig over this mess, and that is truly sad. I realize that these are difficult times, but the reality of this entire situation is that RS Medical has brought this upon themselves despite the economy due to the way they have dealt with insurance companies all these years. They are also out of touch with their representatives and managers in the field and aren't very open to ideas. If you bring an issue forward you are only viewed as being negative instead of offering up a potential solution.
    I am thankful for having a job right now but must say that if this economy turns around, there will be a mass exodus from RS Medical. We've been promised change, and management has asked us to be patient through all the transition and let our new system work itself out. Well, we're all still waiting and haven't seen corporate deliver. I know how many chances I get if I don't deliver numbers every month - how many chances does RS Medical management expect us to give them in return before trading in our loyalty for another position?
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Has anyone ever had difficulty with receiving your bonus even though all inventory was returned upon separation from RS Medical?
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    If you were terminated and on a plan, you probably didn't make any bonus anyway - so your question is confusing. If you resigned, you will get your bonus. It was already earned and it is owed to you by law. I have heard of bonuses being held back when employees leave, or a last expense report not reimbursed until your inventory has been returned along with your computer and fax machine. According to what we signed when we started here, they could technically deduct any lost inventory out of your last check or bonus check if it can't be accounted for. A delay in that circumstance is usual, and lets face it, things never happen with any speed around here at RS Medical. If you are having an unresolved issue with getting that money, your best bet is to call human resources, if that doesn't work, start faxing your request to the general fax line in sales operations every day until you get an answer or directly to R.T. They won't like the fact that the word will get out that they are doing this (as sales ops tells the field basically everything that goes on there) as turnover and reps interviewing is at an all time high as it is - plus, it makes everyone worry that for some reason corporate may not have the money to pay you. Believe me, making a fuss about it and them doing nothing will cause more problems for corporate than them simply cutting you the check!

    If all else fails go online and get the information about B.H. being a convicted felon and start faxing that into the general fax line - that'll surely get their attention!!!!
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    What is the latest news at RS Medical. Is it any better? Are their still reimbursement issues?
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    No better, it's actually worse. Have lost almost 150 reps over the last year. Whole field force might be going 1099 but it won't work b/c they don't have enough contracts to keep a 1099 rep afloat and they probably won't pay the correct sales % as compared to other 1099 DME outfits. 70% of the company makes no monthly commission and over 50% of the company is on performance plans. These aren't bad reps, they're reps getting a ton of referrals.

    Will probably hear about our impending doom shortly.
  13. Rivkah

    Rivkah Guest

    I worked for this company for several years. In that period of time there were at least 5 reorgs. Executives were hired, and would be introduced to the rest of the company and then they would just fade away, never to be seen or heard from again. No explanation. There were I believe 3 medical directors in 2 years. One had barely signed on and resigned within about 45 days. Then another signed on, was introduced and then disappeared in less than about 6 months. Now there is another one on board. In the past 3 months there have been a number of executives and managers resign.

    The business practices of this company are questionable. When problems are pointed out about sales practices that "smell" unethical, the report is "investigated" and brushed asside, with the person making the report getting into hot water. This happens ALL THE TIME. There have been reports from patients that RS Medical sales people have presented themselves to the patient in the doctors office wearing scrubs, as if THEY are part of the office medical team. There is a field sales person who has submitted paperwork for product that was dispensed more than ONE YEAR PRIOR to the paperwork, and PRESCRIPTION being turned in to the home office. THIS IS NOT LEGAL. Sales people have been known to tell patients that "this will not cost you a dime" in order to make the sale. Then the patient gets a bill and calls in to the corporate office upset. There have been instances where the patients insurance was never billed by RS Medical. The timely filing period has passed, so the insurance will not pay. So RS Medical bills the patient. How is that even ethical? The patient has no control over the speed at which RS Medical bills, or if they do it within the timely filing period.

    Then there is the way they treat their employees. There is supposed to be an "open door" and "open communication" policy, but when you try communicate with managers or executives you often do not get responses to emails for days and sometimes not at all. I personally remember emailing one manager I had, on no less than half a dozen occasions, and NEVER received a reply to any of them. This was not an uncommon occurrance. They also have a sick policy that requires you to "pre-arrange" your illnesses. If you pre-arrange your illnesses 24 hours in advance, being ill will not be counted against you. If you do not pre-arrange your illness, you will still be responsible for the productivity for the day(s) you missed that were not arranged in advance. How do you pre-arrange being sick? Further, in general they treat you as if you are a child, they work very hard to castrate employees ability to make decisions. There are large flat screen televisions in the breakrooms, and on the wall in several areas touting the company products and pictures of some events that are from sales conventions, and the like. And casting the message that RS Medical is a GREAT PLACE TO WORK. A FUN PLACE TO WORK. Truth is, it is an AWFUL place to work, they work you like a dog, do not give raises, do not give bonuses, give you out dated computers to work on that repeatedly crash, and the office supply cabinets are EMPTY, because the company is not making money. But the EXECUTIVES and SALES STAFF have gone on cruises two years in a row.

    And on Thursday September 1st they laid off over TWENTY employees from the corporate office. AFTER PUSHING MANDATORY OT FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS. AND THEN SEVERAL OF THE LAID OFF EMPLOYEES WERE SHORTED ALL OF THEIR OT. CROOKS....This company is a SCAM....Oh, and what company give directives to it's employees in a company wide meeting of WHAT TO DO IF THE FEDS SHOW UP AT YOUR HOME.
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Been here for a time. The best days are long gone. Company is losing money, no secret. Products are dated, Acct mgrs' used to be PT's, nurses, Athletic trainers etc...now they hire almost anyone, so credibility with prescribers is almost nil. Pay stinks compared to other Med co's. Your pay is directly tied to how well the insurers in your area pay. You can sell 100 devices a month in a state that limits prices and what can/can't be prescribed, or you can sell 100 in PA or FL and make 3 times as much money because they allow more $$ devices. Some states have so many restrictions and exclusions that its almost impossible to make a decent wage. Rep turnover is over 40%. NOT unusual for reps to leave almost immediately. Some areas haven't been able to keep a new hire in years. CEO has hired 6 or is it 7 VP's. He has so loaded up the exec suite that they suck the co dry. Used to get by with a couple Vp's and a few Directors, people just jumped in and did what needed doing. Now they are so vertical that it takes forever to do anything, everyone jockeying to justify their existence. The people who built the co are all leaving or asked to leave. New product lines are questionable. Selling a positioning system that can be had through other distrubutors or a catalog...common. It's an all-day sale..for $1000? In good payor states, that's 2 or 3 back braces that takes all of 30 mins. It's a 1 and done. Now they want to compete for disposables...talk about David and Goliath. How about cam-walkers? CPM machines? ACL and post-op knee bracing? It took all these geniuses a YEAR to announce that our new 'focus' is on Pain Management. Wow. So underwhelmed. Thought that's what we WERE doing since, well, forever. The new management never sold the product. In fact, there might only be 1 person left in any senior position that actually SOLD the product. New managers are clueless. Absolutely clueless. They know nothing about the market, our products. The new reps leave because they get NO support, they get tossed into the field, often to clean up a big mess. All I'll say is: Rookie of the Year 2010. Where is she NOW?
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Oh YEAH! Someone finally telling the truth. Rookie of the Year? FRAUD. Total Fraud. She jumped ship when her scam became clear. They put a new AM just out of training into this superstar territory in IL. Then the new AM finds out the orders, HUNDREDS of them..were faked. Forged signatures, bogus orders.Talkin' big-time trouble if the Fed payors find out. AM's being let go all the time. Used to be that if you had a bad streak, they let you work through it. Not anymore. They give you a few months to perform a miracle then bye-bye. Expense accounts slashed. AM's USED to get..ready for this...$5000 a month. Now they get $850 to $1200. Car allowance slashed to $300/mo TAXABLE and 25c/mile. That doesn't cover true costs. Sales force still has turnover of 40%. Only the very top never change. Hell, they'll ride that horse 'till it dies underneath them. But the average, hard-working AM will make maybe $65K. Base is $54K if you keep perfect inventory with 0 loss. One of the best guys in the co, Eastern Regional mgr left.The newly hired VP of sales was fired. National accounts is a mess....the people who go out and get the contracts are fired with only a couple left. But they have a manager, a Director, AND a VP. This CEO really is clueless and heartless. He just does not know our business and is trying to force us into some textbook model. DME companies need to be lean and mean, fast to act. We are sodden with overhead, too many chiefs, slow to do anything, reactive, and really lousy product mix. The flagship product is an endangered species in a shrinking market. Insurers hate it, and more and more refuse to cover it. NY work-comp banned it. The model isn't broke, but it need modification. Oh, and the whole ETC thing is a joke. They pay on what is 'expected to collect'. Hmmm....those #'s haven't changed in years to accurately reflect what payors really pay. So it encourages AM's to place equipment that will not get covered, or covered at a low payout because they get paid on a fictional number. ETC also looks good on the books. The receivables column is bloated to reflect a fantasy number. It goes on and on. They can't bill Medicare secondary insurances. CAN'T. So they walk away from a million $+ yearly. Then they claim poverty and fore the rank and file and pay themselves fat 6-figure salaries.

    Here's a PLEA for sanity. Rick Terrel: PLEASE, oh PLEASE take your company back from these maniacs. There's enough (maybe) of the people who built the company to rescue it. They should've taken the buyout offer that was offered 2 yrs ago.