Sales force may be in trouble!

Discussion in 'Insys Therapeutics' started by anonymous, Aug 12, 2018 at 7:35 PM.

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  1. anonymous

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    Did anyone else find this question and answer a little concerning?

    Mickey Ingerman

    Hi, this is Mickey Ingerman, on for David. It appears that the broader TIRF market continues to decline faster than your expectations despite the fact that so this maybe declining at a slower rate has even gained some share in the market. At what point do you have to consider a restructuring of the business and potentially just focus exclusively on the pipeline?

    Saeed Motahari

    At this point our strategy has been to continue to invest in the Managed Care, in elevating the talent in the sales force and also bringing initiatives that could help us enhance our share position and that has worked. Concurrently we are also making significant changes in the commercial infrastructure to align the investment in the commercial organization consistent with the size of the business.

    So I think I am going to see post-COJ settlement, our ability to connect with some of the customers and also give our team a little bit of time because we have a lot of new hires right now. And moving forward obviously we’re going to monitor the business very closely and we make any adjustments that is needed that would allow the P&L profile for SUBSYS to remain competitive.

    We are focusing on our pipeline, our key priorities are fully funded and I think for now we’re going to just make the adjustments as we see fit. And whether we make a strategic decision at some point over the next 6 to 12 months that remains to be seen.
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    You must be with InfoWars or you got tired on monitoring Area 51.

    The DOJ settlement cleared a major risk from the table for the whole company, especially the sales force.
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    Omg. Who is this person? A broken record?
    DOJ settlement a win!
    DOJ settlement a win!
    DOJ settlement a win!

    Delusional !!!!!!
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    Remember that the DOJ fine is primarily based on Fraud to the Federal Govt (Medicare, Medicaid, VA)
    and 99% of Insys sales were to commercial plans.
    With a guilty plea they now want their money back too.
    And how many plaintiffs are there that can now claim harm based on a guilty plea?

    Good luck boys!
    I am on the next plane to Bombay.

    John K