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    Please let the kind folk who read CP everyday to hear the things our management won't tell us that you are not sending us to the wolves in Congress. I feel that if those individuals who have outed MSP for not meeting their goals have a conscience, they can come forth and very dates as their stories are quite compelling, not a simple toin coss.

    Considering that the government can't keep a secret about anything, I don't want to see our IP addresses linked to our names and splashed across government websites for Big Pharma to see. That is probably just the thing that W would do to us all.

    Please hold your ground so I, like so many others, can stay...

    A Devoted Reader and Occasional Poster
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    Thank you for your post.

    As we have said before, per our policies, we do not collect any user information with anonymous posts (including IP addresses). Therefore, we do not believe we will have any information to provide regarding these posts.
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    Hey dipshit, "W" isn't the one asking it is John Dingell and Bart Stupak, both Democrats from Michigan.
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    The only good thing about this is that many Pharma companies will be starting to give car allowances instead of fleet cars next year. This way we can get a foreign car not a piece of crap made by our "friends" in Michigan.
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    Wrapped up in your cynicism is an excellent point. The public at large has no real idea just how important the pharmaceutical industry is to the health of the economy. At one time, the largest single customer that Ford Motor Company had (and this might currently still be accurate) was Pfizer.
    Add to this all of the other companies that have sprung up to provide support to the marketing efforts of the drug companies, and you have yet more people who must make employment changes. There are painful days ahead for sure, and the pain will extend far beyond just us and our friends who make their living here! Don't forget to place some part of the blame on Wall Street as well, as they expect financial results at whatever price is and has been necessary. The biggest losers of all though will be the middle and lower class Americans who have bought into the politicians plea for votes with the promise of cheap or free drugs and healthcare for all. This group will suffer the most with nothing but access to the lowest quality therapeutic options (i.e Wal Mart generics) and the most marginally qualified medical professionals to dole out the prescriptions (i.e. Wal Mart clinics). For those of us still employed within this industry, most of us better figure out where to land safely because the volume of people necessary to staff the new "big pharma" will likely 1/2 (at best) of what it is now.
    To the layman who reads the occasional post on this site - Take good, good, good care of yourself! When you do get sick, take your $4.00 prescription for some generic produced in India (or worse China) from the script you received at the Wal Mart clinic by the PA (who barely finished PA school) with care. Welcome to the world of increasingly socialized medicine!!!
    If you don't believe the thing about the Wal Mart clinics, do some research.
    They are already here and there are plans for many, many more.
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    To: Those Interested
    From: Consumer

    There is a way to save brand name sales. It's going to take some work and a long explanation but here goes:

    Topic: Celiac Disease, Downs Dyndrome, ADD and others

    Originally thought to be rare, the NIH declared about 2 years ago that 1 in 133 North Americans have this condition and may not know it.

    Medical schools used to teach doctors that this disease was not known in USA, only in Europe (duh! where are most Americans from?) Anyway, it was also taught that only children came down with this disease and that they would "grow out" of it. They have since learned that none of this is true. Celiac is for life.

    FACT: Those with Celiac Disease cannot digest gluten (wheat, oat, barley or rye).

    FACT: Celiac Disease (also called Celiac Sprue, gluten intolerance) is an Immune System Disease

    FACT: Celiac Disease can cause other diseases, conditions and other food sensitivities/allergies

    FACT: Celiac Disease has no cure other than diet (although 2 pharamceutical companies are working on blocking pills for accidential cross contamination situations)

    FACT: Many prescriptions and OTC meds use a gluten ingredient as a filler or in case of generic, cannot determine if they are using a gluten ingredient because suppliers cannot be trusted or suppliers of the fillers change.

    FACT: Celiac Disease is genetic; therefore, it runs in familes. Every year more people are being diagnosed with this condition. The gluten free product market is booming, yet big pharma is not "on board." As I have a celiac in my household, this is a big selling point for me.

    FACT: Undiagnosed celiacs run a 33% higher than average additional risk of gastro cancers

    FACT: a Celiac cannot and should not under any circumstances knowingly ingest gluten (there are gastro and neurological symptoms to deal with)

    Whenever a celiac is given a prescription, before it is filled they must find out if the product contains gluten. This is difficult to do on weekends and nights since the pharmaceutical company is usually closed and licensed pharmacists will not find this out for the celiac even when asked. It's a big guessing game for the celiac.
    Usually if the brand name is found to be gluten free, the celiac stays with the brand name forever as the generic cannot be counted on to be gluten free. Many times the generic company cannot be located by the lay person and the pharmacist has no idea how to contact the generic as they procured the generic from a Distributor. This is a major headache for celiacs. So they stick with the brand name and usually no matter what the cost ($). It's "tried and true."

    I have to add that conditions other than celiac do best on a wheat free diet: Asbergers, Downs Syndrome, Feingold Diet for children, ADD, hyper active children's diet, Autism among others. Combine these numbers with the celiacs and the result is bigger than a market "niche" which can be ignored.

    So to big pharma, I say help us out here and of course we'll stick to brand name -- if you can only clearly label your products as gluten free, make sure your suppliers are providing gluten free ingredients and market yourselves as the "brand name who cares" and declare that you've gone gluten free.

    This woud be a win-win situation for all of us.

    Thank you.
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    Correction in my prior post about brand name prescriptions.

    NIH states that 1 in 133 people have celiac disease.
    I don't know the stats for the other conditions.
    Sorry about that
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    Hey moron,

    In most instances the generic drugs and from India etc., you buy at Wal-Mart are manufactured by big pharma but 10x the cost in good old USA while fat cat ceo's stuff their pockets with the profits. There is no difference in buying from Canada,India, China, etc. The CEO's want you to believe the drugs are inferior to keep you USA brand loyal and not buy the SAME less expensive meds overseas. If you understood how these companies operate, you would realize they sell the EXACT same pharma products all over the world to capture the idiots who only buy brands and the smart ones only buying generic. It is all a marketing tatic and suckers like you are a dime a dozen.
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    I don't care who buys the drug... as long as my FAT paycheck keeps coming!
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    I hope you get some of the Chinese Heparin and you enjoy the last ride of your life. Asshole.
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    If you're so sure of this, why don't you get your Lipitor from Mexico? You're full of shit, bet anything you wouldn't do this. Ya just like running your mouth on this website, hillary.
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    Sure everything from China is safe. You should 100% trust imported drugs from China that will prevent you from having a heart attack or going on dialysis for your diabetes. After all, you never hear of complaints about their food imports making people sick or lead paint on their toys poisoning kids, or Viagra counterfit pills that are made of cardboard. Because China is communist, nobody there cares about making any wait, that's right you do hear about those things. Never mind.
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    You moron...just like you trust 100% Schering tells you. Vytorin is Schering's lead paint.They put billions of profit ahead of patients. Vytorin has not proven to reduce heart attacks or stroke. Idiot!
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    from the layman fuck big pharma, and fuck you your product is sold at walmart find another line of work,because times are changing and a pharma rep is like a VCR out dated and not welcome anymre .
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    what a collective of mental midgets. When are you ( the collective ) going to write something intelligent and constructive. Use of the f-word is so bush league and panty waist. Get sober and come out from behind your mother's skirt trashmouth !

    Oh boy, let's see what intelligent quotes this response produces. Come on squirley dude...get dizzy and strut your best stuff !