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  1. CrystalBall

    CrystalBall Guest

    Is Scinovo still doing an job? Have they survived the latest reorganization?

  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Yes, Scinovo has survived. No, they still don't do any work.
  3. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    SCINOVO - another one of Baldildo's fiascoes.

    In PharmDev I was forced to use SCINOVO to manage certain aspects of my outsourced projects and in every instance SCINOVO was the rate limiting step and major source of project delays.

    My 'account rep' bungled every document he touched: everything he produced was late and sloppy and he would not even have completed anything had I not watched him like a hawk - following up on a daily basis to make sure he was submitting contracts and agreements to the CMO.

    SCINOVO is the text book example of what is wrong with GSK's bloated administrative organization and complicated business processes:

    Instead of letting the the technical departments work directly with the CMOs, we were mandated to rely on the 'business expertise' (gag) of SCINOVO to manage the GSK-CMO relationship.

    Adding this layer between my technical department and the CMO INCREASED my workload. I spent more time managing my inept SCINOVO rep than it would have taken me to do everything myself. In fact, I did do everything myself, I just then had to hand it to my SCINOVO rep, who proceeded to lose it or mess it up and then I had to step in and fix it again.

    So we continue to gut all of technical jobs in R&D but SCINOVO survives.

    And Balduncee had originally said SCINOVO was going to generate revenue by matching GSK's underutilized technical capacity with the needs of external partners. My department had 1 or 2 paying gigs (which did not actually cover our costs) through SCINOVO before Badictator concluded that the SCINOVO business model was flawed and terminated the 'in-sourcing' scheme.

    But we still got stuck with the administrative overhead of SCINOVO without any of the purported financial benefits they were supposed to produce. Sounds like something a bloated government agency would do: Impose a revenue generating plan that costs far more than it brings in. Then terminate the revenue generating part and retain the cost generating part.

    Scinovo, example # 7,289,311 of Baldikhed's skewed priorities, bad decision making, and visionary blindness.

    Next week's episode: Baldohdoh's famouse "Seekers" Fantasy Novel.
  4. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Rumor has it that Baldouche always loved the Who song 'the Seeker' and formed the group based on the song. Unfortunately the group blows but the song still rocks!
  6. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Just saw this post. This guy wins the internet!