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Seeking experienced WI, IL & IN IR Reps

Discussion in 'Contract Manufacturer Reps' started by Sonoma Manager, Nov 30, 2011 at 2:26 PM.

  1. I am the Regional Trauma Manger for the upper Midwest for Sonoma Orthopedic Products and I am seeking experienced surgical IR reps who are interested in carrying a very unique and very well paid product line.
    Areas of need are: Wisconsin, Illinois and Northern Indiana.

    Sonoma Orthopedics has absolutely shaken up the standard of care as it pertains to fracture care solutions! No longer are patients limited to painful and unsightly fracture plates. Sonoma Orthopedics has what we call a "least invasive" intramedullary fracture repair solution like NO OTHER.

    There are more than ONE Million clavicle fractures in the U.S. every year and nearly 20% are treated surgically, but new clinical studies are showing that more clavicle fractures should be treated surgically (McKee, ETAL).

    Sonoma's "flexible-to-rigid" IM fracture care device is helping convince more and more surgeons that surgically treating clavicle fractures CAN be minimally invasive AND yield significantly better short-term and long-term clinical outcomes.

    In addition to clavicle fractures, Sonoma also has fracture care solutions that patients love for other fractures throughout the body.

    For more information call or email me and we can discuss whether you may be a good candidate for an independent (1099) sales position with a surgical line that has been turning heads.

    Michael O. Wegmann
    Regional Trauma Manager & Qualified Field Trainer
    ND, SD, MN, WI, IA, IL & Northern IN
    Cell: 773-454-4104
    Fax: 773-439-5241