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    cinnamon raisin hot out of the oven

    off to Gedney now with the kids
  2. anonymous

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    Bagels and the park Wow

    I must say better then the cornflakes and the heated weight room


    Enjoy your day
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    Do you think he hired the lawyer yet?
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    kids love the spiral slide and lake

    beautiful trade center memorial
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    I am sure you know that bagels come out of the oven at 6am. Once 8am rolls around, the bagels have cooled. I prefer a fresh fruit salad with low fat cottage cheese . My kids like fresh pancakes or waffles. Usually i only get bagels on special occasions. Thank you for caring though.

    Must be a perfect day at the beach?

    Make sure too enjoy the children, off to college soon. :):)
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    Too often, we say and write stuff with complete indifference towards each other. This goes both ways. What can be done to end this fued that seems to be the equivalent of the Hatfields and the McCoys?

    I say we lay down the propaganda, put away the guns and jerk each other off.

    What do you think?
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    Everyone in life will realize there is always someone 2 steps ahead of me

    They must accept what is coming to them since they were not good people
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    They all should hang themselves
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    when is gluck getting canned
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    Maybe he can jerk off with the other asshole who wrote that comment
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    Every piece of shit will realize it was never propaganda but the truth

    The amount of families that were destroyed for a handful of greedy selfish pricks

    The corporate asshole like PH and company will realize never try to fix something that was never broken

    Growth strategy never line up with small family business

    To every asshole who never reads this site take the advice and quit now while you still have a chance

    Most of you will be unemployable

    As your parents taught you when you started kindergarden, Be Kind to all your classmates and never lie to the teacher
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    Stay calm and have faith in the Lord. No reason to get upset this BS company has been sold.
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    Do you think BN is ready to get rid of them