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Special Fraud Alert: Laboratory Payments to Referring Physicians

Discussion in 'Millennium Laboratories' started by anonymous, Aug 15, 2015 at 9:59 AM.

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    "OIG has become aware of arrangements under which clinical laboratories are establishing, coordinating, or maintaining databases, either directly or through an agent, purportedly to collect data on the demographics, presentation, diagnosis, treatment, outcomes, or other attributes of patients"
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    I love that word! "purportedly"
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    I am shocked! double shocked! to hear of this "purported" practice.
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    So how many people got laid off (fired)?

    Was Bret Anderson one of them?
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    just draft up a lease agreement for a 10x10 space in the doctors clinic (for the collector work space of course), and then you are golden. . .

    Aegis rocks!
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    Hell, that ain't nuthin, I'm ex Castle an I'm going to rent, not only the 10x10 office space from the doc, but I'm going to rent all of his office equipment and stock the shit out of that fridge!

    I might even throw a couple of kickass open office holiday parties in my rented space.
    I'll even have my landscaper get involved just so my office has great curb appeal.

    No room for beginners here! If your gonna beat around the legal bush, go big!!!!! I might even consider selling my real property to the doc very cheap via my real estate company. One might even buy an overpriced car or home Ect from a physician. The opportunity is endless.

    Folks, there is many ways to cheat, get a competitive edge or get close to it. I have done none of these tactics but have heard of many of them and probably suffered loses because of these illegal tactics. I am ex Castle and believe me those folks aren't experienced or savy enough to know these sales tactics.

    Just Thoughts from the field
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    PCLS just had another massive layoff this morning. Reps in New Orleans, texas, all over are gone and the people they have left suck. A bunch of ex pharma idiots. their billing policy is a mess, no discounts for prompt pay, the $100 cash pay is gone, pricing is 2x medicare, managed care team has been fired today.
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    All true.
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    This is not easy.

    Healthcare has always been subject to dramatic shifts – and we are seeing this in spades over the past few years . The introduction of ACA is forcing hard decisions on every provider of health care. In addition, in the last year there has been unprecedented payer pressure in the toxicology space. We are sorry it is forcing us to change our business model, but we have no choice but to change.

    I want to share some thoughts with you below. Please digest them and we will have Town Hall meetings next Tuesday to discuss these in more depth.

    In changing our business model to reflect industry changes we made some internal adjustments that frankly stalled sales over the summer:

    · In July we raised our bill rate to 2x Medicare. It was a necessary step; however, this change created a lot of noise with our customers and we needed to focus resources on communicating to them why the change was required.

    · On July 25th we implemented our new LIS system SCC. Since 2009, we have used a software system called APeasy. As we grew, this software slowed us down immensely. Building a new scalable, integrated software solution was more than necessary. It took 2 years to complete. The first couple of weeks it was bumpy and tested everyone within PCLS. Our salesteam did a phenomenal job battling this adversity – but it took them away from filling their sales funnels and forced them to focus on retaining business.

    · We chose to discontinue our cytology and clinical chemistry (except PHI) product lines. Both were distracting us from our core toxicology business. This hurts total daily sample count, but helps the company’s bottom line.

    In addition we have had some external forces hit us:

    · A Palmetto LCD was released no longer covering our most common PGX, 2D6, which reduced our volume of genetics to only the psychotherapeutic panel.

    · Private payers have chosen to reduce amount of coverage or frequency allowed at a faster pace than expected for toxicology testing reducing our RPA.

    We sincerely thank all the employees for working long hours to deal with the above challenges. We know all of you want to know where PCLS is headed. Here are some of the initiatives PCLS continues to be focused on:

    • One pipe toxicology process flow. This means we restructured our menu to have the most efficient work flow process while reducing re-preps. Our goal remains to have the lowest cost in the industry.

    • Turn Around Time of 80% of results in 24 hours with minimal outliers

    • 70% customers ordering electronically to reduce key errors

    • We are focused on increasing our reach in TN, FL, TX, KY, SC, NC, and MI to maximize our managed care, lobbyist and sales representation.

    • Continued focus on local and nation in-network status with Humana, Cigna, Aetna, and other health care players

    • Sales structure that supports greater collaboration of gaining new customers, hospitals, accountable care organizations while also supporting and nurturing our current customers.

    • Quality circle work groups to look at each step in the chain ultimately getting to root cause analysis to change future outcomes.

    • Future menu of a bladder cancer and prostate cancer diagnostic tests

    We remain committed that it is to our advantage if PCLS reacts to the industry changes faster than its competition. The industry needs a leader and we can move to be that leader. We need to have an employee empowered system of change in order to move forward. This involves making changes in your respective area. We need your suggestions and support as a team. Please reach out and share your ideas to anyone in the company or bring them to the town halls on Tuesday.


    Paul and Mark
    this came from the CEO at PCLS to his company after yesterdays bloodbath. Please show your clients and those that still get paid to use PCLS.
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    Millennium has offered the creditors control of the company, the people said. In exchange, the lenders wouldn’t pursue potential legal claims against owners including founder James Slattery and private-equity firm TA Associates that the probe wasn’t disclosed to investors while the company was marketing the $1.8 billion loan last year, the people said.

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    How is it possible that millennium is in bankruptcy talks? Where did all the money go? On top of that who was given the 1.8 billion dollars? Who is the loser here- The tax payers? Looks like they got away with robbing not only the healthcare system but also our financial system.
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    Read all of the other posts...
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