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    I am just now finishing a BS in Mammalian Biology and am looking toward pharm sales as an ultimate career. I have worked for Kirby Vacuums and have excellent records and awards. I am trying to strengthen my 'brag book' a bit more (in regards to sales), but do not know specifically which sales venue I should pursue before pharm sales. Any help would be great.


    P.S. I currently am interviewing with Enterprise Rent-a-Car as a Management Trainee. My hopes would be is that I acquire more sales experience here, but also build a foundation for business structure. Do you think this would be wise or is it looked poorly by pharm companies?
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    The sales experience may help but if you go that route you have to be willing to stick it out at least a year no matter how low the pay, no matter how long the hours are and how low the pay.

    You may also want to consider hiring a professional to help with your brag book and resume. It's well worth the cost if you hire a good one. Vet/animal sales is a good option. There are entry level positions in that field
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    Enterprise can be good. Best if you climb the ranks to show some level of success and responsibility. Assistant Manager, Branch Manager. I started there and have no regrets. Business training is good at ERAC.