Thank you for the misery

Discussion in 'The Darkened Sample Closet' started by anonymous, Aug 18, 2022 at 1:44 AM.

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  1. anonymous

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    Great run for me in life after all of the misery this industry put on my soul.

    Made me the great person I am today.

    Be less than you, I mean Bless you.

    Pharmaceutical suckers.

  2. anonymous

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    You are welcome.
    We do our best to recruit the best and brightest and most non critical thinking people in the world to come work for us.
  3. anonymous

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    Easily the worst industry in the world at this point.

    the products do more harm than good.
    you are micromanaged.
    there is no stability.

    I think since march of 2020 (wink), the healthcare industry has proven what they are all about.

    and now they are starting their back peddling on so many of there assertions on that scam.

    sad state of affairs.

    run from this industry asap.
  4. anonymous

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    yes, porn industry has more integrity.
  5. anonymous

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    that is a really demeaning statement.
    I did porn for several years when I was young and stupid. I regret it.
    but, I got my masters in psychology and got into pharmaceuticals.
    now, I am a district manager.
    please apologize because some of us change.
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  7. anonymous

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    Is this Tyson at Pfizer?
  8. anonymous

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    isn't this the truth?

    Those of you that are in this industry need serious help. Leave this place to the college graduates and dummies. Its not a career. Its a joke. Always has been.
  9. anonymous

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    Well, it was great in the 80s!
    How often do we hear that from the old timers?

    Hey, it is what it is. I wish I had used my teaching degree much earlier. I would have had a better life. Met a lot of good people in the pharma, but the ride was not fun for the most part because I was great at what I did and the numbers proved that. But, it was just never good enough for these people. One thing I learned is that there is no loyalty, so if you find a better opportunity, you better take it. Make as much money as you can now and invest in something stable that can grow, like foreclosed condos that you can rent out or stocks with "tangible" assets that are undervalued or forever stamps that you can sell later (no, I am not joking here. I bought about 100K of these years ago, and did well with them). Good luck out there. Its a predatory world, so never trust anyone you work with, and don't get to close to them on a personal level. yes, ,they will back stab you. Hate to say that, but its very true.
  10. anonymous

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    Full disclosure. I am unvaccinated, yet still alive.