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Things that made you go hmmm....???

Discussion in 'Industry Veterans - registered posting only' started by Pilot1100, Nov 30, 2012 at 4:38 PM.

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  1. Pilot1100

    Pilot1100 Guest

    Does anyone have any stories about bizarre behavior they witnessed while working as a Pharmaceutical Representative? Things that, as the song goes, made you go "hmmm?"

    I was working a lunch with the last manager I ever had in Pharmaceuticals. They wanted Chinese, so the Chinese restaurant caters this magnificent meal, complete with the sterno warming tins and everything.

    As the office staff lines up to get their plates, my boss walks to the front of the line and digs barehanded into the containers of food. Hands to mouth, hands back into the food, hands back to mouth. "This is really good," he says. The looks on the faces of those behind him said, "Not anymore!"

    He provided me with several more stories, even on that same day. But now it's your turn to share yours! :)

  2. I was excited to read your post, until you lied.

    Well, there are enough TRUE stories to go around, stories where adults are acting like kids, there are so many, like the VM first thing in the morning, saying I am going to be working with you today, etc.

    Its such a mind F, this job.

    One of my favorite stories of all time was when my counterpart told me that a well repected doctor in the area would grab is pee pee whenever she walked in (she was very good looking and she is an honest person).

    So many, I will post more, when I get some wine in me.
  3. Pilot1100

    Pilot1100 Guest

    I didn't lie. Read the other thread, get a little educated, and see if you want to apologize like one grown up to another.
  4. GorgeousGAMS

    GorgeousGAMS Guest

    I had a very serious adverse event on a ride day. I reported it and then went to the facility to ask question and ensure there was not anything that was overlooked. My boss wrote me up for not using the AE as a "selling" opportunity. I could have killed the idiot. An AE is NOT about your chance to "sell" somemore product.

    Other things that have always made me wonder are what regional managers actually do all day besides sit in their underwear; why a grown adult hired to sell would need to be coached every month with a stupid FV form; why grown adults have to stand in a line and do grinder roleplays; and, last but not least, why pharma representatives are called "sales people" instead of field marketing or field PR professionals?
  5. OK Sparky,
    Do you expect us to bel. your manager actually did that?

    Why don't you act like a grown up and tell a true story.

    I like Sparky for your new nickname, what do you think?:cool:
  6. Incredible.

    It is not just pharma sales, it is all corporate sales jobs. I have friends and family in food sales, software sales, construction sales, communication sales, and payroll sales. All of them face the same crap. The make a crapload of cash, and some retired early, but I know they don't like their work, because of the grind.

    Sales is when you are under a commission only situation, imo. The older I get, the more I understand that.

    Those managers in pharma do absolutely nothing, but they somehow justify thier huge salaries by making busy work and having veteran reps read Zig Ziglar or something silly like that (sad that he died, but his books are elementary for the most part).

    Back to the topic, one of my favorites was when one of these arrogant doctors asked me a technical question, and wanted me to answer it. Well, as I was about to answer, my DM, jumps in and starts babbling the answer. Well, the MD, says I know you know, but I wanted your rep to answer. And they both laughed at me for not "knowing". I just stood there, like what the hell just happened?

    Its not a great story, but its typicial of the types of interactions you have in the terrible world of pharma.

    I truly feel bad for those of you that are still in it. You are dealing with so many psychos, from bad management to arrogant doctors to stupid front office people to the public that hate you as well.

    If you are smart and want something better, it is out there: seek and you will find is a smart saying and it is true.
  7. Pilot1100

    Pilot1100 Guest

    The story is true. That manager was a weird bird, what can I say? I don't see how calling people names is very grown up. You blast the industry, but you don't want to believe there was dysfunctional "leadership" that some of us had to put up with.

    I thought this board was going to be more civil than the unregistered board. Why don't you calm down and quit jumping to conclusions about other people who register? I have nothing to hide, other than my real name. So far, with you jumping all over me, that's a good thing.
  8. Still don't bel. you, but if you bel. a lie long enough, it becomes truth.

    Don't you have more stories?

    OR are you going to dwell on your lie.
  9. Pilot1100

    Pilot1100 Guest

    How do you know it's a lie? Were you there? I was and I can tell you it's the truth. I wasn't lying about it then, and I'm not lying about it now.

    I've got a ton more, but unless you apologize, I'm done with this thread. You might as well go back to the trolls, son.
  10. Good stay done with this, we don't need liars here.

    dummy. and stop sending private messages, those are for losers.
  11. GorgeousGAMS

    GorgeousGAMS Guest

    What is it with you two having to piss higher than the other on every fucking topic?
  12. Pilot1100

    Pilot1100 Guest

    Are you a mom? Then you're going to be used to hearing this, lol: HE STARTED IT!!!

    You see that he refers to a private message I sent him. I tried to handle it off the board so folks like you wouldn't have to see this, but he handled it as poorly as he handled everything else here.

    All I did was post a TRUE story. And the guy called me a liar. I posted the truth on the other thread, too, and he basically called me one there. I don't like that very much, particularly because I'm telling the truth. What if I did it to you, ma'am, about your AE story? I don't think you'd like it either.

    I in no way intended for the thread I started to end up this way. In my first post I asked if anyone had witnessed any BIZZARE behaviors. It's pretty bizarre to cut in a lunch line and start pawing through the food. Bizarre, but not impossible. "12Yearsanddone thinks it's such an impossibility that it could only be a lie.

    Our Ritalin-deprived, no impulse control friend jumped in like anyone else with an 8 year old's maturity and called me a liar. I'm going to defend myself.

    My apologies to YOU and YOU alone, ma'am. The other guy can suck it.