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timm medical?

Discussion in 'Urology' started by Anonymous, Feb 1, 2010 at 5:15 PM.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Anyone aware of this company? are they a legit player in urology?

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Jerry Timm invented the Artificial Urinary Sphincter for AMS. I would say that makes him and his organization pretty legit (though small).
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    they sell penis pumps
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    yep, penis pumps is right,,
    your fighting with 2 other penis pump companies,,
    it requires 1 on 1 pt clinicals, (meaning you try the penis pump on the pt to make sure it works for them!!!)
    base is low, 38k
    bonus is almost non-existent, (except for the top 2-3 reps who coincidentally have 4-6 state territories...)
    management for the most part, has never sold the product,,,,
    and they expect you to work weekends, nights, whenever,, conference calls are only after 6pm,

    does this sound good to anyone?
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    that sounds about right. but from what i've heard, it's even worse if you work for one of their competitors.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The previous post is obviously from a disgruntled, previous employee that was fired because he wasn't performing in his job/territory. Timm Medical is one of the only VED companies that follows the strict regulations of the law. Their competitors are notorious for practicing dirty selling tactics and are under federal investigation for Medicare fraud, not Timm Medical! Timm Medical has an extremely clean record and is a very well run company. Keep in mind, Timm Medical is the market leader in this space and people will always target them and try to bring them down, at any cost. It is true that the company does require working long hours and sometimes working on weekends during sales meetings. It's also true that the company doesn't have many female employees, except at the corporate level; however, given the fact that the majority of employees are reps in the field and the fact that these employees meet one on one with male patients suffering from erectile dysfunction and the fact that these employees are actually applying the device to these patients, why in the world would it make sense to have a female doing this job??? No Urology Office would want a female consulting directly with their male patients because of the sensitivity of this issue. As far as the GPS concern on the cell phones, I can't speak to that because I really don't know if it's true. But, why would it matter anyway??? If you're doing your job and you're where you're supposed to be then it shouldn't be an issue. Again, obviously the person writing the previous post got fired for NOT doing his job and NOT being where he was supposed to be and it caught up with him. Lastly, I'm not saying Timm Medical is the perfect company to work for because it's not, but it's a very well respected company in its space that sells 2 market leading products in the Osbon ErecAid and Edex and most reps are making a good living. Ask any urologist and they will tell you that Timm Medical is a top notch company with a great reputation ... don't leave it to some wall post left by a former employee that's upset about getting fired.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    You guys really put the device on the patient?

  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    you don't have to make the patient try the device, but management really wants you to. you're competing w/ 2 other companies. one of them is who timm bought their device from. it all depends on the territory you get. most dr's don't care about the differences between pumps. good luck.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Sales are down LOL, well that is not good. (feeling silly, sorry).

    Phone interview with Actient manager ...manager: "Any questions?" interviewee: asks minor question about product group (the current group is very small). manager: stumbling, "uhh ... ... I haven't had time to be familiar with the product yet, uh... sorry." interviewee: "!!"

    Yes folks, if you spend 5 minutes learning the product line before your phone interview, you will likely intimidate management. Interviewee expects that he is overqualified for the job and will not get called in ftf.
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    sounds like manager talk,, or should i say ex-manager talk,,
    actually i heard timm was big on the medicare fraud,,

    funny that you were defending the subject without anyone even mentioning it,
    i remember hearing a manager say "i have enough dirt on this company to sink the entire ship", could he have been talking about the rampant Medicare fraud??

    Even after the acquisition,
    still a chance that the scum bags, in upper management, who ran the company, (making the companies financials look good for a sale (ie. the actient acquisition), may actually still get caught,, it all makes much more sense, doesn't it?,
    they bought the company cheap when it was failing, drive sales -- a little Medicare Fraud here and there, and boom, sell for a profit...

    THEE American Dream

  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Uh, yeah, Hi Jerry. Sorry that poster touched a nerve.

    If you work for Timm, plan on getting Popeye-like forearms. And they don't have female reps because they'd probably end up selling less pumps.
    Cute female rep walks in: "Oh, hello there sir! I'm here to fit you to your penis pump."
    Male patient: BOING! - - - no longer need that pump LOL!
  12. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Wow, what kind a management do they THINK they have? Doc told me their penis pump is competing with the sex toy shop down the street that accomplishes the same goal and ED drugs are going generic and OTC this year!!

    Not much room for a sales rep in this space.