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To all the haters..

Discussion in 'United Allergy Services' started by anonymous, Nov 14, 2017 at 11:15 PM.

  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    You have to admit, United Allergy straight up got the best players in the industry and took over the game. Every one of you that brings bread to the table through some ancillary type model should be in awe of this company. This was not snake oil. This was not deceit. Allergy immunotherapy works - don't argue the effectiveness of it. UAS found a way to roll it out to thousands of clinics, bringing allergy relief to a huge population that otherwise would have just been complacent with their symptoms. I'm talking about the kid with asthma who dropped out last season because his allergies flared up so bad when playing ball. I'm talking about the people who literally take an allergy med 365 days a year no longer being a slave to pharma. All the while, do you realize how much money they squeezed out of insurance companies? Do you really? It's insane. You want to sit here and hate on them, count down the days till 95165 gets cut.. why? Because you weren't part of it? Not a single person on this forum, had they been a part of that roller-coaster, would say "even though this is completely legal, is helping patients, and paying out a lot of money, we should stop because we don't want to be paid top dollar in an industry we forged." Most importantly these guys had fun, they helped people along the way, and changed a whole lot of lives. Should be cheering these guys on. Keep hating though, keep bitching about how much money they make or how they don't actually get in trouble for anything.. but know damn well if given the opportunity you would want to be a part of anything these guys touch next..