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    I wouldn't count on it. Anyone with half a brain began plotting their escape plan when the buyout happened. The next few months are going to give "mass exodus" a whole new meaning.

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    Todd pierce was a slick-talking politico who used "compassion" and Genentech patient advocacy as a ruse for his public perception, when in reality everyone knew he was a surreptitiously vengeful exec who stamped out anyone who dissented with his incompetent and misguided strategy over the years.

    837 department re-orgs later he and his senior leader shills found a way to remain at the helm during Art Levinson's reign, while the revolving door of middle mgmt layoffs continued.

    Under Pierce's watch, how many millions of dollars were thrown at business intelligence and other projects that were eventually scrapped? And of those that made it to production, how many were chronically delayed?

    gne/roche will ultimately be a better place without him (hard to imagine an incoming CIO doing a worse job).
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    IT is a teetering house of cards built by his "leadership"--only a matter of time before it falls, and falls HARD.
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    Excellent summation! Thank you for sharing the truth.

    Indeed gets to the root of things: a cascade of atrocious management behavior. Pierce set the tone and promoted the whole "never ending people's revolution" circus. Leadership lessons straight from Kim Jong-il. I'm glad the Swiss saw through the smoke and mirrors ultimately.

    A tragicomedy could be written about the surreal antics and bloated narcissists who paraded about the organization for years under Pierce's banner. Simply, Pierce was a mediocre, sycophantic politico who wasted hundreds of millions of dollars and dispirited legions of talented and bright people. He did certainly believe in himself, though, so let's give him that...
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    Don't forget Cindy... Cant be any more clueless
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    Todd's taken the Enneagram and his management style to Wonder how long it will be before they catch on to him? It took Roche 2.5 years.