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    Dear Development colleagues....there is a rumour circulating that Trevor Mundel - our most "beloved" (...cough, cough...) Head of Development is getting axed !!!

    Obviously, David Epstein does not have the balls to do it the same way that Trevor and his HR pitbulls have mistreated countless of our colleagues - he is being given an elegant way out.

    The Gates Foundation....yes, Bill and Melissa have bought the Mundel Pile of Shit....and are hiring the chap

    If this rumour is true .... I am organizing a Flash Mob dance-a-thon in front of the Gehry Building to CELEBRATE like it is 1999 !!!!
  2. Anonymous

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    Trevor rumors come and go.. Trevor stays. He must have some protection with such a record of failure and casualties in personel...
  3. Anonymous

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    I agree. He must have some compromising pix of Vasella and Jimenez doing the big nasty or similar ... It just doesn't make any sense that this guy has remained employed as long as he has, with his record of "success", unless he holds some nefarious advantage.
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    Stiff Trev can position his young girlfriend in HR, fire almost his whole leadership team, crash most promising drugs, install useless friends from ParkDavis... there must be something..
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    All true. Except who left who. Icy email from D. Epstein in email this AM.
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    Dear associates,

    Trevor Mundel, Global Head of Development, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Division, has informed the company of his intention to leave Novartis by the end of the year, and to join The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as Executive Director of its Global Health Program. Mr. Mundel will remain with Novartis until December 1, 2011 and his successor will be named shortly.

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    WOW !

    CAFEPHARMA knew this one days ahead of the announcement
    I am impressed

    He got fired....the icy email from David speaks volumes as to the lack of love between those the position he took at the Gates Foundation, is a demotion for someone who was a CMO of a major Pharma Company.

    What is sad - is that Trevor leaves behind a demoralized Development Organization, with years of People neglect and abuse. We lost incredible talents because of him and his HR pitbull..... I just hope that he takes Gerd-A with him.
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    Everyone is invited to a party celebrating the departure of this piss-artist Billy-no-mates of Trevor, at:

    Cargo Kultur Bar
    St. Johanns-Rheinweg 46, 4056 Basel
    (On Tram 11)

    Starting at 6 pm !!!

    See you mates there
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  10. Anonymous

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    ultimate sign that the pipeline is dry
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    It is about time.

    Glad for us, sad for the poor children of the World who will now depend on this heartless person to make decisions on which altruistic programs to support.
  12. Anonymous

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    This are the best news I got all day !

    What was odd....Trevor announcement separate from David
    I think he pull the rug from under David's feet and prevented him from announcing Trevor's successor the same day.

    Who will it be ?
    Any clues ?
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    It is an open secret at Basel for couple of weeks ----- only when some media leak the news out last weekend.
  14. Anonymous

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    Was this guy Trevor responsible for Ronald Califre's 'retirement'?
  15. Anonymous

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    Trevor backstabbed Ron, it took him awhile, but eventually got to do it.
    His first victim was James Shannon.

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