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Welcome to the Biogen board

Discussion in 'BiogenIdec' started by cafead, Jan 30, 2003 at 3:42 PM.

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    where is leanna caron now days and how is she doing. last i heard was canada but is that still true.
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    Originally Posted by Anonymous
    As a patient reading this board, I am disgusted. You only care about your market share and sales bonuses. Does it even matter to you that we have to live with this disease, and that perhaps a new formulation of an agent other than yours could help us? You are a poor representation of your company, and I intend to shed some light to your management on what I read here, as to your total lack of compassion for those suffering with this disease.

    Unfortunately Sweetie Pie, you must understand that nothing comes free in this world. Biogen spent millions of dollars to bring this drug to the market and someone has to pay for it. What we earn in bonuses and increased market shares is what we here in the United States of America call" CAPITALISM". Hence, if you are that disappointed by our discussion forum....either leave the forum or go to the EU, where it is highly likely that you wont get a drug for a couple of years due to the rukes of the health systems those countries live by. Good Luck!

    Biogen Management: Your reputation continues to be soiled by selfish, childish representatives. You should investigate and find out who this representative is and terminate. You are not doing us any favors in the MS community.