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Discussion in 'Lundbeck' started by anonymous, Feb 14, 2019 at 2:04 AM.

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  1. anonymous

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    Why is there so many West Coast openings. Looks like the Bay Area was hit by a PIP storm.
    I have two young children and need a job. I have 10 years Pharma Sales exp.
    I would prefer a mature Manager and Regional Director. The last thing I need is to be micromanaged.
    Any serious advice would be helpful. Looks like the Bay Area Manager is open. I would welcome any insight regarding the RBD.
    Thank you
  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    West Coast, Northwest, all have been hand picked to be eliminated. Once the ASM was fired because she wouldn’t do their dirty work, that was it. Heard Glover and his posse flew out there to threaten everyone. They want all of you gone! Do they have to hit you on the head with a hammer? Why haven’t most of you left already????? Are you waiting to see if a miracle occurs, and you get decent management, or a $5 billion a year drug miraculously pops out of the pipeline?

    Your reality will soon be a lot of other people’s reality. It’s coming. I saw it and got the hell out..
  3. anonymous

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    It sounds like the person is referring to the neuro openings which are an entirely different division and story. Everyone on the team, including the manager, left for more money, better positions and a better pipeline. There’s just a few people left and they’re interviewing too. The team was stacked with underpaid and underappreciated talent. Hopefully manangement gets smart and pays the few good reps reps who remain more money. Hard to keep good people in SFO, PDX and SEA when other companies are throwing around $130-160 base and a support system that actually gets patients on product.