What five aspects of Sun Pharma that are really great?

Discussion in 'Sun Pharma' started by anonymous, Mar 5, 2018 at 9:43 PM.

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    First, you have to grow up and then let go of the anger man. It's eating you up. Let it go.

    A year /year and a half ago, Sun was in a good place. Recruiting people with a definite positive future, unlike the situation now, where people are being misled and lied to.

    Sun onboarded about 125 people, had people in just about every role. Were there a couple of bad hires or a function not operating 100 right ? Sure, that goes with growth like that. No one stepped on anyone's neck. Many were actually very favorably surprised to see how honorably people had been treated early during all that change.

    Overall, things were running well.

    And then things changed in the Spring and the very ugly Indian head appreared "we will do it in the US the way we do it in India".

    And so the slip into failure began and it seems as if it's accelerating.

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    Agreed. For all the bashing it was not a bad place when I started. I liked it. They hired good people. But then everything became evident last summer. Most of the good people either left, are looking, or are gritting their teeth due to contract restraints. The new hires seem weak.
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    no anger

    Was just telling you what Sun taught me.

    It was funny watching all those mentioned acting like they were the long term leaders when in fact they were sent packing too

    I remember Jane from HR talking about how the great the culture was.

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    I really believe that things were clearly moving in the right direction and then as the previous poster said, it all changed last summer.

    I'm in the home office and the changed has been beyond palpable. I'm here, I've got my reasons and my timeline so I can grunt it out for the little more time that I need to.
    I do think those that were here were in fact very strong leaders and from what I saw, they were starting to gel. We're honest and called each other BS when appropriate. All in the spirit of doing what was best.

    But wow - this guy now is just crazy. Eery look in his eyes, dark. Everyone hates him and business results are suffering bc of him.

    Dilip messed up on that one.
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    ok but please understand something.

    It was good last summer or better in the past as far as a “job” goes. As far as a workplace cooperative environment. Yes kumbaya and all was going on. Ok great.

    The SCENARIO of FACTS you all are missing is

    Sun Pharma has nothing in the bag that warranted hiring 30 market access people, 15 internal brand team personnel, 20 home office support, increased sales head count.

    They were and are still surviving on Ranbaxy money from absorica and the steroids.

    From a drug company perspective the organization was doomed for failure and a tyrant leader team because Dilips ego and his riverboat gambler mentality and price gauging style thought it could win.


    They over soeant on consulting. They over spent on personnel. They over spent on false thinking.

    So whatever positive you experienced in the past was just a Pharma facade that was INEVITABLY going to catch up to its reality of doom.

    The drug business is built on smart proper strategy and forecasting. NOT on Mr India and his riverboat dream.

    You reap what you sow.
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    you've got some good points but you're missing it on a couple as well. I'll comment on the disconnects, and reinforce your comment about Market Access.

    Market access - no doubt this was a huge miss. Objectively, name one key win. None. Should be cut by 50% - 75% at a minimum.

    Home office - there wasn't anywhere near 20 support people. It was closer to 5.

    Brand teams - we had a total of 5 on Tildra, then one left, not backfilled.
    Acne and PDT combined, four people.

    That's very, very lean. Bare.
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    It's interesting to hear Dilip referred to as a tyrant. Very, very few people have that (accurate) insight.

    He comes across as this quiet, soft guy but only a few know of or have seen his true colors.

    Aside from the tyrannical behaviors, his tolerance for inferior, 'just get by' and 'cut the corners' quality mindset, he has a very high tolerance for conducting business beyond the fringes of what's legal.

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    This is the OP. I’m sad that nothing super positive was added. I guess that says it all
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    I'm on the derm side, about 3 years now. We were super-excited to come over from InVentiv, but it's actually worse from a leadership and communication perspective.
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    Derm side, tell your new Tildra reps the truth, they are in for a wide awakening and short ride. Tildra is going to crash and burn, IF it even gets approved!
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    Most accurate assessment. Well done.

    And I think this poster was referring tobwas home office total staff not brand specific.

    InVentiv managed the derm class with two hokey W9 brand guys and about 4 total operations people including HR.

    Sun had their whole floor full of executive assistants running around making coffee and booking travel.

    So I don’t think the poster was inaccurate
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    The W-9 guys ... well one was cut loose after a major compliance and global finance investigation and the other was cut loose by his former employer for illegal activities. Sun was forced into that investigation. That company was fined millions of dollars by OIG and the W-9 guy paid a major personal fine and was then immediately hired by Sun. It's public info on the web.

    Then there's the W-9 sales guy who pays his wife hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to coach DMs.

    Typical Sun style.

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    Feel sorry for these fools who signed on to promote Tildra...their truth will soon be revealed...
  14. anonymous

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    Feel bad for anyone working here.
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    They should have known. Anyone worth their salt can find out this is a shit-show before they make a decision to join.