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Why work at NuVasive?

Discussion in 'NuVasive' started by Anonymous, Mar 26, 2012 at 7:53 PM.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It will be an interesting conference call today
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Told ya......

    They didn't put enough money into Obama/Clintons/Democrats pockets and Nuvasive just received a Subpeona from the Fed's:


    The FDA CREATED the scam.....pushed companies like Nuvasive to do their evil to make $$$ and jobs...When the FDA adopted "Bayesian Statistics" to approve Medical Devices.

    "Bayesian Statistics" ment the FDA would no longer use clinical trials to prove things were safe before they approved them. "Bayesian Statistics" ment they approved EVERYTHING for mass market and would "deal with it later when the Data came in".

    turns out they killed / maimed a good chunk of America. Saved the Fed's a fortune...alll those dead don't need SS/Medicare/Retirements now.

    Nuvasive's gettin' shaken down. See....their Gold Mine's still producing even after maiming-killing allllll those peoples. Cage Rage #2 in America is officially over.

    Cage Rage #3 will be starting shortly. (After Iran's destroyed along with China).
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Nice summer meeting. What a joke. Things are getting worse
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Ryan & Maniskas LLP along with Harwood Feffer LLP are now both investigating Nuvasive claiming its Board of Directors breached a fidicuary duty to shareholders.

    Its fake. Obama's money man who bailed out the automakers is also the same man who kept Nuvasive going and got those Special Trust Fund managers to dump money into NUVA to keep her going.

    Looks like they swindled all that money from the Trust Funds and are going to make Nuvas Board of Directors take the blame. Da Gold Mine that just keeps on bearing fruitz....

    Nobody cares their robbery scheme killed and maimed alllllllll those peeps....Obama's been bringing in millions of new US citizens every year to replace the ones he's killed. Da rich will keep gettin richer......

    Sucks for the NUVA Directors tho.....think theyll be killing themselves?? They aint got no money to fight Satans lawyers for tha next few yearz...
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Ouch.....2 new FDA Maude rerports out saying Nuva's new nerve monitoring system is crap.



    Surprised the FDA is keeping the other Maude Report up by a patient claiming injury because his doc said it was ok to take his muscle relaxants prior to surgery....and he's claiming it subdued his nerves so the nerve monitoring system didnt work right....resulting in injury/ nerve damage.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    If you want to hate life, work as a sales rep at Nuvasive. This company is screwed up. Not able to provide inventory to support surgeries, management that doesn't seem to comprehend the business, tremendous under reporting, a lot of cultish preaching about culture, but unless you work in house, the culture sucks. Plus, lowest paid sales force for volume and full package. Biggest mistake of my life.
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    NUVA stock price now close to $40 a share!!!!

    It's clearly not at that stock value due to generating revenue....they still have outstanding debt to pay for the lawsuits....so why's their stock valued so high now??

    Some big Wallstreet scammers who've been raking in $$$$ thru their various evil money stealing schemes needed somewhere's to stash their hot money........

    Nobody will notice if they stash alllll that hot cash into NUVA stock to launder it.....lol!!!

    The biggest joke of 2014 is NUVA's current stock price. You lowly paid Nuva reps should start screaming for some of that money.....your company's sitting on a pile of money bigger than Texas right now.....

    You'd think the world would look at NUVA's current stock valuation and start screaming for an investigation......hmmmm Obama's subpenoe's now history....stock went thru the roof in value.....Obama's getting some BIG money out of this or he wouldn't have pulled the bulldogs back.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    You must work for that idiot on the west coast!
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Or the dufus in Texas that I hear is getting demoted.... HaHaHaHa
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Don't do it. Working hard isn't the solution to this f'ed up company. Can't provide products your surgeons need in surgery and have zero remorse. Only care about what is billed out, not the patient, dr, rep. It's an awful environment and very cult like. They bully people and be little them. Most of their busy surgeons are paid in some fashion. They under report surgical complications and money spent on surgeons. I hear they just plan to take the $million penalty when caught. All in all, if you are a person who is not a follow and wants any sort of positive experience, stay away from this company.
  11. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    i am interested if this is still the current sentiment. i have a friend who works here and says he loves it and is thinking of bringing me in.
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Nuvasive was mad it's sales force was leaving an joining the other spine companies....sued them.

    The guy who just became Chief Executive Officer for Nuvasive....lol....came from Medtronic.

    His ORATEC Interventions company he had scares me....

    """Oratec develops and markets medical devices that use radio-controlled thermal energy to treat joint and spine disorders, and is a market leader in radio-frequency-based arthroscopic procedures"""

    Did Nuvasive's Coroent XL plastic spine spacer contain an RFID...and they'd zap it to try an keep the infections down....but ended up leaching plastic fumes into patients bodies poisoning them??
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    why the hell would you trust strangers on an anonymous social media site verse someone you know? fishy.
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    This month, February the top heads at Nuvasive are all selling stock and collecting near $1 million each....

    They must know the stock price is gonna crash soon to be doin that.

    COO Pat Miles sold 15,000 shares:


    CEO Alexis V. Lukianov sold 5,454 shares of the stock:


    President of Sales, Matt Link sold 4,078 shares:


    COO Keith Valentine sold 6,970 shares:


    Why's everyone cashing in this month??
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Getting the Medtronic guy as the new head for Nuvasive just helped them....

    The +$100 million lawsuit from Medtronic that Nuvasive was supposed to pay for patent infringement....just got an appeals court to rule they will be lowerin Nuvasive's liability.

    Does NUVA even have available cash to pay a $50 million liability?
  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It appears NUVA's heads are again sellin massive amounts of stock at the beginning of this month too!!!




    this is the SECOND month in a row the heads of NUVA dropped stock for big cash at the beginning of the month.....NOT a good sign.
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    The inflated Stock value along with the heads of NUVA dumping stock and grabbing cash has to do with a medical journal article soon to be published.

    Japanese scientists figured out DNA damaged men born with 6 lower vertebrae...ain't good patients to get XLIF....the unfused sacrum "vertebrae" which don't fuse together fully until around 34 (for some)....cause some kinda artificial joints where they shouldn't be when L5/L6 gets a XLIF spacer inserted....causing a major problem post-XLIF. Could also result in the sacrum vertebrae not fusing...as well as increased pressure on them post XLIF resulting in physical changes to the sacrum itself that cause problems.

    I think that's why we are seeing them dumping stock at the beginnings of the last two months.
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Came here to read the comments. Thanks for the laughs. So many no nothing's whose predictions of doom proved to be untrue. Facts are if you want great products, great leadership, and opportunity to develop there aren't many other places like Nuvasive. It has been a great place for me.
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    If you sold every outstanding NUVA stock right now for current price....you'd only have $33 million. Didn't they go Global? Why they so poor?
  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest