Worst place to be in Pharma right now is...

Discussion in 'The Darkened Sample Closet' started by Anonymous, Dec 21, 2011 at 11:37 AM.

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    What company/division etc is the crappiest place to be?? Job insecurity, pipeline, culture, policy & compliance headaches, horrible management, etc. We all think the grass is greener somewhere else, but where is the grass completely dead?? ;-)

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    The mass market/primary care sector is the worst. This industry can be great if you go to good niche therapeutic, at a small to midsize biotech. First thing I do when I get a call from a recruiter about a company is I look at Café Pharma and evaluate it this way…if they do not even have a listing that is A++, if they have a listing but only have a handful of posts A+, if they have a listing and have more than 10 threads with lots of replies they get an F and I have no pursue it further. I would say this, never think Café Pharma is an exhaustive list of the biotech’s out there. My company just got listed recently after six years and I think we have three threads all about how to get hired. To me that is a great way to utilize CP. I’m not saying it is everything but if you look at a company that has pages and pages of threads, well where there’s smoke there’s fire. Good companies have happy employees, and happy employees don’t talk trash on café pharma.
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    Look, all corporate jobs stink.

    A good manager, however, can make a bad situation into a decent job.

    so, a job is really all about your manager, and a good sales person really only looks for a decent to average product that can compete, and where the bonus is reasonable.

    There is no such thing as a good company to work for. That went away about 30 years ago.
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    So True.Cowboy or cowgirl manager= misery
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    I have to agree. There were some great companies in the US. However, the global economy changed for better or worse. Over the 30 years, these companies are almost like a pyramid scheme were the top 5-10 get filthy rich while the other 5000 battle for crumbs and jobs.

    I do not trust anything about corporate. The only thing I have learned is the higher you go on the personnel ladder the closer you get to really crazy, self-absorbed people.
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    Eisai is doing some really great things now...NOT!
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    Warner Chilcott.
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    this is so true...that is why I am done with corporate Amerika...

    you articulated the state of things very well!!
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    Unfortunately you are correct. Warner Chilcott is the worst drug company in the history of pharmaceutical companies ever since they bought out P&G. It's a horrible horrible dead place to work. I left it and went back to B2B to get myself into medical device.
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    Stay away from any of the Johnson & Johnson family of companies. They are famous for having huge expansions only to lay people off 18 months later due to products that were never laughched and they hired folks to early, patent expirations, product failures and lawsuits.

    You will NEVER feel secure with this company. They will give you a line of crap about living the "credo" but it's all words! Ask ANY J&J employee. They will tell you the same.

    When the company decides to downsize you will never know what the criteria was. High performers losr their jobs! How is this possible?

    It's like playing a game of musical chairs...constant mergers and aquisitions, realighments, re-deployments, New commercial model...or whatever the buzz phrase is for that particular year.

    While youi are playing this game of musical chairs 12 of you will be circleing around 8 chairs. In the end....ypu just hope that you are able to grab a seat when the music stops.

    I left that crap hole on my terms! Landed a device gig...higher base, higher bonus, still get the car and expenses, amanager that doesn't ride with me every 4 weeks (although I didn't care about that.) You're not collecting signatures, time stamped calls, reach and frequency, "the core message"....Roll-Play and all that happy horse shit.

    The pharma world is like a cult! Although layoffs are happeneing all the time the District managers, Region business Directors and field sales directors do not want this to happen.
    As more sales jobs are lost the funnel keeps getting smaller to keep all these DM's and above employed. That being said, everyone tried to keep their mouths shut to hang on a little longer.

    Stay a way from J&J. They will tell you that you are "the elite"// "the brightest and the best"
    Don't fall for the bull. Leaving that company was the happiest day of my life! What's better?
    I walk away with a pension benefit for life!

    Rock on!
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    Jul 24, 2006
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    Basically, there is no safe place in Pharma: no safe department, no solid company. The worst place to be is IN pharma. Unfortunately, with the current economy, that applies to a LOT of industries--nothing is safe or guaranteed these days and that includes those who are relying on SS and retirement accounts.
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    the worst place to be in pharma is in pharma...

    the whole industry is withering...
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    Your analysis is spot on!!!!!!!!!
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    Pharma does sound unbearable but honestly I think all sales jobs are just tough these days. Sounds like device sales is a good job but really hard to land those jobs if you are not already in the industry. I do b2b sales now and it seems like it is next to impossible to get into medical sales, device sales or even dental sales. Im hoping things start opening up soon.
    I can barely stand the sales position I have now. Burned out isnt even the word. I am seriously depressed from this place! call reports, micromanagement, impossible numbers its a real slog but I've just got to hang in there.
    I think Im really getting sick of sales period but Im stuck in it and its tough to switch industries.
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    Its all the same in the corporate structure, especailly with big companies.

    My suggestion is find a small company, and even though you will probably make less money, you can at least have some peace of mind.

    Hang in there is all you can do right now, with this terrible job market that may never recover, thanks mostly to the "free" market trade agreements that have ruined the USA.