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Worst sales rep/co-worker stories

Discussion in 'Industry Veterans' started by Anonymous, Dec 26, 2014 at 5:41 PM.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    We had a guy in AZ who would sweat whenever he would talk to a doctor.

    Very odd, considering he was in his 40s. Dude fooled a lot of people and still has his job.

    Also, we had a chick who would sweat the lunches and what to bring for lunch. Can't make this sh...it up.

    Some people should just stick to state jobs.

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I generally liked my co-workers, but I will say many were odd ducks. The one's that are still employed over 40 will drone on-and-on about how great they are. Similar to a Golden Retriever.

    We did have our share of anorexic / OCD types that flamed out eventually and went into lab or real estate. I noticed during the mass hiring during the mid 90s they let in a lot people that should not have entered the fray. We went from science to ice cream trucks in a matter of 12 months. Honestly, I believed I would have a career in pharma until I retired. Boy was I wrong.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    ice cream trucks, Halloween attire, bringing in lunch that the office manager demands from Cheesecake Factory because the cows have to eat.
    on and on we go with this oddball industry.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I have many 'bad' stories, but thought of a funny one when I was in an I don't give a #dern state of mind.

    A large office of 50
    -7 docs
    -2 Kosher requests
    drinks/food/utensils/paperproducts etc required

    An admin person went off bc I ordered pizza for the masses, and 2 Kosher meals. Regular pop. She was on the latest skinny diet and mad because she had nothing to eat.

    I told her that I carry my own lunch with me so can always be prepared to feed myself, since others would not know my own dietary restrictions. I showed her my own personal lunch I brought bc 'we' can't afford to eat like that as reps and stay fit.

    I walked off. The look on her face was classic. She was pissed. I was satisfied. Why in the world would I be responsible for your personal eating habits? That's not on me. that's on the person.

    The crap they expect reps to 'cover' is ridiculous. And, of course it was one of those offices where the doc never dared come back to the break room and I had to watch the staff chow for hours.
  5. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    Yep, always a treat feeding the office cows. I don't give two shits about their dietary needs. Eat it or don't I don't care.
    Before I retire, quit, or get canned, I swear I am going to pee and/or defecate in the lunch and watch the pigs slop at the trough.
  6. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    I don’t care what they want to eat anymore. I decide and if they eat it, fine. Fuck em
  7. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    It is nothing short of abuse what these offices do to us with their lunch demands. Their attitude is if you don’t bring what we want your competitors will. Total bullshit and when nurse comes in to fix plates for the docs because they don’t have the decency to give less than 5 minutes of their time when they want their gluten free, lactose free, hold the basil or whatever request lunch and get pissed and blame us if caterer gets order wrong I’m over it! Come on Trump please ban lunches, dinner programs, etc for these docs.