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You are safe with us

Discussion in 'The Darkened Sample Closet' started by cafead, Mar 7, 2006 at 7:37 AM.

  1. cafead

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    Nov 21, 2001
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    We thank everyone that has given us feedback about the new posting policy. Some of you have said that people are still afraid that they will be tracked somehow when they register. We want to let you know about the steps that we have taken to protect your anonymity when you register.

    When you click the "new user" link, you will see that we have removed the email fields altogether. No email of any kind is required to register. We have also removed any code from the signup process that would capture IP addresses. You have believed us in the past when we have told you that we do not store IP addresses with posts. We had to go through a similar process to prevent IP logging with anonymous posts.

    Virtually all message board software is set to record IP addresses with posts (even "unregistered" posts). When cafepharma first opened the boards to unregistered posting, we had to change code in order to disable this IP recording. Cafepharma has never provided identifying information regarding any poster to any outside company. We continue to go to great lengths to protect your anonymity. We feel we have built up trust with you, our users, through these four years, and we ask that you continue to trust us now. We feel honored that you have made cafepharma the place that you feel that you have a voice, and we want you to be assured that this has not changed. You are safe with us.

  2. anonymous

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    Do you still stand by your statement? Do you gather people's IP addresses?
  3. anonymous

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    We know they do. But do we care