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You got bought! I've been gone a while. Central Ohio guy still around?

Discussion in 'Santarus' started by Anonymous, Apr 8, 2014 at 10:56 PM.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I left shortly after the National meeting in Anaheim. 2008 i think. Left the industry. Thought I'd check out old Cafe Pharma. Wow, a lot has changed. I hope you guys made out. It was tough selling zegerid and I had ezprep..and Naperlan. Tough sell! I bailed soon after.

    Anyway, the guy from central Ohio. His flight was late, joined my team...So Cal.. For dinner. A homeless dude was sitting on the bench outside the restaurant. I saw him go outside and talk with the guy. Then he ordered 2 dinners.....the guy paid for it himself and took it out to the old dude. When our bus left, we had to wait on him. I stood buy and listened to him pray with the scrounge old guy......whew about made me tear up. Anyway, always wondered what happened to him. Was funny at dinner, an older guy but like a teenager at heart. Bald dude. Made an impact on me, always wondered about him. Hope he's still alive and doing well.

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    He is alive and very well! He was my CFT quite a few years back. I was a little nervous having to spend like 3 days with him as he was Salesperson of the Year and won Presidents Club a bunch of times. I didn't know what to expect. Abid at the home office set me up with him. Mind you I am no longer with the company or in this industry. I'm a stay at home mom for quite a few years now. This guy even though I havent worked in years...he still calls me!!!! And I call him!!!!

    He put me at ease when he called me to set things up. Seriously, if we are talking about the same guy which I am sure we are...he is in Columbus. It was the most fun 3 days in the field ever. The offices loved him. He wasn't like a typical rep...in fact, quite the opposite.....in fact he disliked reps and told the offices he couldn't stand drug reps! He said if I ever become like a drug rep.....I will quit.

    We had lunches 2 of the 3 days. He always asked a lot of questions to the doctors, none of the detailing that you would think, but he did detail them and they didn't even realize it. It was amazing. He would even tell the doctors...hey I'm not here to detail you today....and they would drop their guard. Then he would aske them a question or two....and detail them! Then...to top it off, they would say...thanks so much for not detailing us! But he did!!!!! He was close to many of the office people. He honestly cared about them and they cared about him. One girl.....pulled him aside and whispered....thank you so much for what you did for my family. I don't know what it was......but I think he helped her with her car or something.

    He is a special guy. I met his daughter. The last ride along day, we met her for lunch, she was in nursing school. OMG...I now have 2 small children. I pray that my husband and I have this kind of relationship with our kids. I mean, he loves her so much and you could tell they were best friends.

    So, yes I still talk to him several times a year and he was only my trainer for a few days, shows his character doesnt it! He is such a good guy. You would never know his age, he doesn't act it, said he never will. That's why I love this guy...so does everyone else.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    He is with the company that bought them I was told. Shire? Santarus? Good guy. I trained with him 2 days...years ago whan he was at AZ. Bastards fired me years ago. He's good...real good. Used to play golf for a trucking company years ago. He would go to their outings in Miami...at the Doral he just missed by one stroke or something his test to be a club pro. He knew Jim McLean the pro at Doral like freaking brothers. The guy called him when we were together... His company hosted the Doral in Miami. He knew Curtis Strange, Daily, Fuzzy...those older guys. You would never know. He played it down. Plays stuff down. We went to the range after work....uh...he's a short shit, but he could move a golf ball left or right.

    Haven't seen him in years...2003 or so. A friend told me he moved to a smaller company from az. They got bought....he was a smart investor....heard he made a lot. Went cold turkey on quitting golf. He was a member of several clubs when I trained with him. The above poster was right...he was close with offices...he didn't act like it but took care of people. Bought doughnuts for offices and gave them to people on the street too. We were in southern Ohio..the sticks....but the down and outs knew him. I should call him..an old friend told me he doing good. He had an old Mercedes that was cherry...bet he still has it.