You will absolutely learn nothing working in this industry.

Discussion in 'The Darkened Sample Closet' started by anonymous, Sep 21, 2023 at 2:53 PM.

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    For those of you considering a career in the healthcare industry, you need to consider that you will learn nothing working in a corporation, especially a big company.

    1. Intelligent people are not in this industry anymore.
    2. You are in a transactional job, not a career. They won't develop you.
    3. There is no "career" stability or upside.

    I would focus on more lucrative industries if you want to make more money, like real estate or software or construction.

    The con will pulled on you when you were told that healthcare sales was the way to go. It might have been in the 80s or 90s, but not anymore.

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    Your IQ must be 12.

    You STFU.

    Contribute something.

    Well, I hope you don't breed. That would be a great societal contribution many generations would appreciate.
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    No one’s IQ is 12, moron. Again, stfu.