23andMe's Anne Wojcicki: Genetics Today and Tomorrow - WSJ

23andMe is a privately held biotech company that offers saliva-based genetic testing services for both ancestry and health information. The company offers its services directly to consumers, instead of the traditional route of going through health care providers. The company was started in 2006, and on November 22, 2013, the FDA required them to stop selling health-related genetic testing pending approval. In October of 2015, 23andMe was able to resume providing some health-related testing, such as carrier status and wellness reports. The company expects to be able to provide disease risk information in the future, after FDA approval. 

In this WSJ interview, 23andMe's CEO/co-founder Anne Wojcicki discusses the company's history, its passion for marketing direct-to-consumer, the future of the company and genetics testing, provides her views on the Theranos situation, and more.

Sources: Wikipedia

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