Cotinga Pharmaceuticals Provides Update on COTI-2 PhI Clinical Programs

March 20, 2018

Cotinga announced that it has submitted an updated clinical package to regulatory authorities to expand its ongoing Phase 1 trial of COTI-2. The protocol amendment will expand the clinical trial to evaluate COTI-2 as a combination therapy in a wide spectrum of cancers.

The president and CEO, Alison Silva said,

“Based on the strength of encouraging interim data from our ongoing Phase 1 trial, as well as preclinical studies demonstrating that COTI-2 was efficacious and synergistic when administered alongside standard of care chemotherapeutics, we are excited to push forward the development of COTI-2 as part of a combination therapy regimen.”

The ongoing Phase 1 trial of COTI-2 is currently evaluating COTI-2 as a monotherapy for the potential treatment of gynecological malignancies and head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC). The current gynecological malignancies arm will be expanded to evaluate COTI-2 in combination with bevacizumab and paclitaxel/doxorubicin.   The current dose-escalation HNSCC arm will be expanded to evaluate COTI-2 in combination with cisplatin in HNSCC and other solid tumors.

COTI-2 is an orally available small molecule targeting p53, a tumor suppressor gene that is mutated in over 50% of all cancers.

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