GSK Hires First Female CEO of a Global Pharma Co - What Employees Think

September 20, 2016

GSK made history when it appointed Emma Walmsley CEO of a global pharmaceutical company. She will succeed Andrew Witty who served as CEO for the last 8 years.

Ms Walmsley has presided over a rapid expansion of GSK's consumer health unit after a 17 year stint at L'Oreal. Her appointment has drawn mixed comments. While acknowledging her success in consumer health, some wonder if she is the right choice to invigorate GSK's R&D efforts. GSK's anemic R&D output in recent years has left the global giant with an unexciting pipeline.

Cafepharma users have begun to weigh in on the choice. Some applaud the choice (perhaps a little backhandedly), 

Great hire for a future company split! GSK Consumer will be a great company once the split happens.
The future is with consumer, makes sense why they choose her.
See thread here

Others are openly derisive of her consumer health experience - see this thread.

No doubt, she will receive plenty of valuable feedback from the field.

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