Lundbeck Partners with AI Driven Numerate to Tackle Central Nervous System Disorders

January 7, 2019

Numerate, Inc. announced on 1/7/19 a multi-target research collaboration with Lundbeck Pharmaceutical to identify clinical candidates for the treatment of disorders in the central nervous system, including depression, psychosis, seizure and neurodegenerative disorders.

“This is a drug discovery partnership that combines Lundbeck’s deep understanding of drug discovery and development for neurological disorders with Numerate’s proprietary D4 drug discovery platform to attack the many challenges with generating valuable first-in-class assets in this area,” said Guido Lanza, President and CEO of Numerate. “Utilizing data from Lundbeck combined with our internal modeling capabilities, we expect to produce multiple clinical candidates, while also continuing to refine, validate and expand our proprietary AI-driven platform.”

“We believe the AI-platform Numerate has developed will help overcome current drug design challenges to identify chemistries for 'undruggable' targets that Lundbeck can develop into breakthrough medicines for patients with psychiatric and neurological disorders,” said Klaus Bæk Simonsen, VP Molecular Discovery and Innovation of Lundbeck.

Lundbeck recently affirmed its commitment to developing treatments for Alzheimer's Disease. The company is testing ways to use a patient's immune system to amyloid deposits in the brain – a hallmark of Alzheimer's. Lundbeck, in partnership with Otsuka, also has a drug in Ph III trials to treat Alzheimer's related agitation.

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