Proove Biosciences Responds to News About FBI Raid

June 9, 2017

Yesterday, June 8th 2017, the life sciences site, STAT and the LA Times ran stories that Proove Biosciences offices in Irvine, CA were raided by the FBI. The STAT piece also reported that the offices of several doctors associated with Proove in California, Florida, and Kentucky were also raided.

STAT has reported on the genetic testing company on several occasions. A February piece on Proove and its testing and billing practices can be found here:

In response to the articles, Proove CEO Brian Meshkin has made a number of twitter posts. In one post he states that “... By staying silent over the past 6 mos to stay above the fray, we've been really hurt.” In other posts, he references Proove's response to the stories found on the company's site. You can read Proove's response here:

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