Sponsored: New AI Business Analysis Platform Can Aid Pharma Decision Making

October 10, 2018
Data analytics startup Outlier, following its Series A funding, introduced its artificial intelligence (AI) powered Automated Business Analysis (ABA) platform to the enterprise. The platform includes a critical data analysis capability, delivering the industry’s first cross-platform Root Cause Analysis feature while broadening integration support to include Amazon Redshift Spectrum, Apache Druid & Google Ads.
Automated Business Analysis is fast becoming a necessity for large businesses because it is difficult to uncover meaningful insights, and their root cause, given many organizations have petabytes or even exabytes of data to sift through.
What makes Outlier ABA with RCA unique?:
  • Brings the industries first integration across multiple cloud services and data warehouses to give business the best view of all its data in one place.
  • Basic anomaly detection providers source 100s of insights, too many for any human to decide what to do with daily. Outlier provides the 4-5 most important insights every morning, enabling a daily course of action.
  • Ingests dozens of data sets and analyzes those data-sets to find root causes and unexpected changes. Other offerings are limited, only providing root cause insights on data they source, and/or provides no actionable guidance.
  • Other solutions offer to digest other data sets, but no ABA vendor integrates data as easily as Outlier, with the added value of Root Cause Analysis already included in the platform. Outlier can be setup in a matter of minutes.
How can Outlier be used in Pharma?
Outlier is powerful enough to analyze all of the drug prescription and payment information to identify shifts in prescription rates, insurance payment rates and other aspects of the drug purchasing process. These insights fuel business strategy, sales tactics and overall business planning.
For more information on the Outlier ABA, please check their release here, or visit outlier.ai

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