Visiongate Announces Next Step in Commercialization of Cancer Detection Platform

April 5, 2018

VisionGate, a clinical stage oncology pharmaceutical and diagnostics company, is pleased to announce today the advancement of its breakthrough technology Cell-CT platform.  The first shipment of commercial-capable Cell-CT systems were delivered to VisionGate's clinical laboratory in Phoenix, Arizona earlier this year, setting the stage for the company's advancement.

The Cell-CT platform uses state-of-the-art optical CT tomographic image reconstruction, utilizing visible photons rather than x-rays. This platform enables the quantitative analysis of the in situ 3D distribution of targeted molecular markers, stains and other absorbing structures within a cell at sub-micron resolution in a manner that links to traditional pathology, but with the third dimension. The company believes that by enabling rapid visualization of cell's 3d anatomy the platform will lead to many important discoveries.

VisionGate is developing a lung cancer detection test (LuCED Lung Test) that will utilize the Cell-CT platform. To use the test, which will be prescribed by physicians, patients will collect sputum samples over a three day period with a take home kit. The kit will then be sent to the VisionGate Biosignatures Laboratory where it will be analyzed by using the Cell-Ct platform.

In conjunction with LuCED, VisionGate is developing a drug, Iloprost, that has shown promise in Ph II trials in reducing bronchial dysplasia. A reduction in dysplasia, a stage in the progression of normal cells to cancerous, may lead to a reduction or prevention of lung cancer.


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