miR Scientific Presents Urine Based Test for Detecting Prostate and Bladder Cancer

March 18, 2019

miR Scientific LLC, a precision bioscience company focused on comprehensive disease detection and management, announced today a poster presentation at the 34th Annual European Association of Urology (EAU) Congress describing a key capability of its novel, non-invasive, unbiased biomarker Sentinel Scores™ disease management platform to identify clinically significant prostate cancer. The EAU, being held in Barcelona, Spain, draws more than 15,000 urology innovators from 100 countries.

The subject of the presentation, “miR Scientific Sentinel Scores™ - a new platform technology for identification of clinically significant prostate cancer using miRNA and snoRNA expression signatures,” was presented by Dr. Laurence Klotz, MD, FRCSC, CM, miR Scientific’s Chief Medical Officer.

“Today, miR presented to the scientific urology community a vital new tool currently missing in clinical prostate cancer management - a non-invasive screening liquid biopsy urine test that identifies clinically significant prostate cancer and detects the presence of higher-grade cancer in men on active surveillance,” said Dr. Klotz. “With the high sensitivity, specificity and unbiased nature of this test, we believe that the miR Scientific Sentinel Scores ™ has the potential to become a comprehensive disease management tool to definitively detect, accurately score and continuously monitor prostate cancer.”

“An accurate disease management platform used to determine among other important conditions, Grade Group staging and surveillance, is vital in the early determination of treatment regimens for prostate cancer patients,” said Sam Salman, CEO and Chairman of miR Scientific. “A superior, non-invasive test could help patients, clinicians and economic stakeholders improve outcomes by avoiding undiagnosed aggressive disease, reducing unnecessary needle biopsies and lessening the stress and potential complications of the proceedure.”

The company states that miR’s technology isolates pre-classified informative RNA entities from urinary exosomes, and uses proprietary tools to detect and process, with exceptionally high specificity and sensitivity, signals from numerous RNA entities that are evident in the specimens.

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