Microbiome report for week ending 6-24-18

Some important/interesting microbiome related news for the week ending 6-24-18:

Axial Biotherapeutics and the Parkinson’s Institute Team up to study GI metabolites that may contribute to partnership. The two have formed a joint preclinical research collaboration, studying Axial’s microbiome-inspired interventions in the PICC’s unique cellular and animal models for PD and its effects over the GI system. Read article here.

Kallyope Inc. and Novo Nordisk A/S have entered into a research collaboration and option agreement to discover novel peptide therapeutics to treat obesity and diabetes. Read article here.

CosmosID receives highest score in in the strain-level microbial profiling category of the Mosaic Community Challenge and for strain-level microbial identification in the precisionFDA Pathogen Detection Challenge.  

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