Cafepharma Intel

Cafepharma Intel is a division of Cafepharma that provides data and information related to the pharmaceutical/biotech, medical device and laboratory/diagnostic industries. Some products will provide publicly available information that save lots of research time, provide additional contextual data, and are much more user friendly than the originals.

Microbiome Database

The community of bacteria that colonize the gut, skin, eyes, etc is an area of intense interest and research. Though still in its infancy, microbiome research has led to the creation of many companies that are in the process of developing products to treat many diseases and conditions. To make it easier to keep track of these companies, the products they are developing and the diseases they are attempting to treat, we created the microbiome database.

The database includes a number of ways to search for and discover information in this arena. The database contains a list of companies. Individual company entries include products and partnerships (in addition to other information). Product entries include the disease state target, development stage, and when available, a description of the product. In addition to the company list, subscribers can view a disease state list and view products by development stage. Individual disease state entries display the products under development for treatment of the disease.

Users who subscribe to our premium newsletter currently receive access to the microbiome database. Users may also simply purchase subscriptions to the database only.

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microbiome company list screenshot