Text Ads

Cafepharma is now offering text ads that can be purchased for as low as $100 per month. The ads can be targeted to geographic areas such as states, metro areas, and cities, and are available for the rate of $2 CPM. This means that for $100, you can get 50,000 text ads targeted to the area of your choice. You can buy multiple lots to use in different areas if you like.

These text ads will appear on our messageboard pages, on both mobile and desktop.

There are no long term contracts, and you can submit up to 5 different messages to rotate through the text ads. 

To purchase text ads, please use the button below, enter the number of lots of 50,000 ads you want to purchase in the next screen, and complete the purchase through paypal. After the purchase is complete, you'll be taken to our contact page where you can then submit the geographic area you want (city, metro area, state) and up to 5 messages (120 characters or less each). We will be in touch with any questions, and have your ads running within one business day or less. Of course, you can contact us with any questions before or after purchasing ads. We can also target specific message boards, please contact us for pricing and details.