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Is this a joke?

Discussion in 'Caris Life Sciences' started by Anonymous, Oct 20, 2014 at 1:51 PM.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    What is happening to us? Something close to a 20% reduction in force just happens and nobody says a word? Senior leaders WITH years of industry experience are out and leaders a few years out of school with no industry experience, no board certifications are SVPs? Another senior "leader" promoted on the same day as the layoff - this one having "mistakenly represented" to the company about actually having a bachelors degree. Oh oops, he does NOT have one it turns out -- minor oversight. That sounds like an old theme raising its ugly head again here. Didn't this comapny have a former CEO with a falsified education record a while back?

    But more importantly, what have this latest batch of SVPs done and delivered to this company to warrant any promotions? (besides mindless agreement and failure to produce any new products or higher numbers helping to avoid a layoff).

    Then there are those of us that bring real value everyday. We execute with great skill, interpret and promote the tests -- the product CLS sells and uses to pay these fools bigger salaries. I guess we can sit and wait our turn to be out next? What does one have to do, if not a good job, to avoid layoff, to be promoted and recognized in this company? Pucker up (close your eyes, they say its easier when you sell your soul not to look). One only has to look to see how well it has worked for our newly minted senior leaders.

    No evidence team? Or can the wunderkind (not) deliver that too for you DDH? Based on his extensive years of research and experience in cancer genetics, his wide renound as a big thinker in the oncology and genomics space, no doubt. Just like he hasn't for any other initiative you've put him in charge of to date. No track record of success equals climbing the ladder. Are you all laughing yet? You should be, big belly laughs. What are we doing delivering on our skills. verifiable education and experience everyday if this is what you show us you really want and admire?

    Where is the experience to lead this company? In the board??? Who are the leaders on the ground that know what to do? We don't see ANY. Just little weasels that meet about how to "spin" the data this time to the boss, who, the data show, wouldn't know bad manipulated data if it came up and bit him on his nose.

    Just wait until their venerable faces adorn our leadership page on the web communicating to all who visit that this is not a serious company. Perhaps we should rack and stack our exec team vs Foundation's ? We could put that up on our web along with test spec comparators to be really convincing. The biographies of accomplishments will be my favorites, I love fiction born of raging hyperbole.

    Bravo, great joke.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    They did some cleaning out of deadwood is what happened. It's always deadwood until it happens to yourself or someone close, in which case it is vicious / unfair / [your adjective here]. That's just life working at a company these days. If you are employed consider yourself lucky, and if you disagree with the company direction then seek employment elsewhere.... isn't that pretty much how it always is? No reason to be unhappy, just move on if you can't get behind leadership - I am not making any excuses for them, just stating the reality.
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It is surprising that so few people responded here, given it's been a full week and it was a 20% reduction.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Agree, employed, count your blessings. This company is struggling and they are trying to right the ship. Not fun, but needed. Welcome to the new landscape in Healthcare.