RPM...It's like starting your own business with your existing customers

Johnny Ross

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30% of seniors already use an RPM device in the comfort of their homes and it is expected that 50% will use an RPM device by 2024. This is great news because seniors want to take control of their health in the home and doctors can earn approximately $80 per patient per month...and you earn commissions monthly!

So, what is RPM? RPM is Remote Patient Monitoring and is a Medicare funded program that allows providers the ability to outsource the long-term care of their patients to manage certain disease states, such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and pulmonary issues.

Patients simply use the device daily, and as directed by their provider. The devices are specifically engineered to meet Medicare requirements and transfers data securely to a HIPAA secured server where an outsourced MA reviews and manages the patient. If escalations are necessary, due to device reading, the MA communicates directly with the provider's staff to schedule an appointment.

At the end of the month, the data is transmitted back to the provider for input into the providers EMR and for billing. Yes...it's that easy and providers love it because they can earn additional $350k+ annually on a turn-key service.

So how do you benefit? You can contract MedHab as a 1099 contractors. You simply discuss, sell and help to facilitate the onboarding of the practice. Your doctors will certainly see you in a different light because you are bringing them a business solution that will significantly increase their income. As a pharma rep or former pharma rep, your relationships can turn into a great revenue stream for you. Literally, you can earn as much as $4k to $5k per month per provider you enroll.

I would like to explain more if you are interested. I am Johnny Ross, the Founder & CEO of MedHab and would enjoy the opportunity to schedule a 10-to-15-minute call to tell you more. If you like what you hear, we will get you trained up and ready to earn great commissions. I can be reached at johnnyross@medhab.com