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Testosterone Cypionate. Thanks WATSON!

Discussion in 'Watson' started by Anonymous, Apr 20, 2009 at 12:03 PM.

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    Original poster says his testosterone was far below normal ranges:
    Serum was 149
    Free was 6.6

    That doesn't stop Anonymous Endocrinologist! He alleges that OP will become addicted.
    No, OP is testosterone dependent, in the exact same way a diabetic is insulin dependent. They're both hormones which help the body to function and which must be injected if we don't make enough. It's silly to call him an "addict" when he's a guy who doesn't make enough; the normal for his age is 521- and yet he's showing 149.

    It's accurate that his testicles may shrink. Regular injections of HCG will reduce that, and reduce the likelihood of sterility.

    I agree that it's wise to have regular lab work done to be sure the meds are working and he's otherwise healthy.

    Anonymous Endocrinologist gets the facts wrong. The testosterone isn't for an affective disorder, but for a hormone disorder which presents with affective symptoms. The symptoms led to him taking a bunch of silly psychiatric medications, and he only recently got his testosterone checked. Because psych meds don't reduce T, the cause works the other way. The low T caused the behavioral symptoms. We know this because an injection of Testosterone caused an abatement of the symptoms. Watson doesn't market for this and told him nothing, it was the work of his urologist who diagnosed it. Good for him!

    Fellowship trained Endo needs to check his logic.