FIRALIS has developed BIOPRED panel to better target inflammatory autoimmune diseases

June 11, 2018
Key points of the Biopred panel: 
  • Without extraction - no biases associated to extractions steps
  • More than 2100 mRNA target profiled in few days 
  • Reduced sample input form any matrices 
  • First class analytical performances 
  • Precision medicine tool for research and diseases activity applications 

Firalis S.A (“Firalis”), a developer of biomarker-based products and provider of biomarker services announced the release of the Biopred Immuno-Inflammatory panel, a research-use-only (RUO) product for targeted RNA profilling. The Biopred panel is now on the market, offering novel solutions in personalized medicine.

The Biopred panel has been developed thanks to the know-how generated in the course of BT-Cure, one of the largest IMI projects and during a recent Horizon 2020 SME Instrument project, the Rabiopred consortia. The panel includes more than 2100 mRNA targets belonging to key pro-inflammatory, inflammatory, autoimmune and associated pathways, including key cytokines, interleukins, chemokines, growth factors, metalloproteinases and many others. The Biopred panel employs the innovative HTG EdgeSeq platform for targeted gene sequencing and NGS quantification.

Today, early diagnosis, disease activity monitoring and choice of an optimal treatment for a particular disease remain important challenges for physicians. To address these challenges, Firalis has developed a high- throughput precision medicine tool that involves targeted mRNA profiling without RNA extraction. The tool is to be used in research gene expression profiling of inflammatory autoimmune disorders and syndromes, such as rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, Sjögren's Syndrome, systemic sclerosis, systemic lupus erythematosus, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, different forms of vasculitides, inflammatory myopathies, inflammatory cardiac diseases and many others...

Dr. H. FIRAT, CEO of Firalis Group said: "This panel will help pharmaceutical companies to better characterize patient populations and to optimize the size and duration of the drug development process, consequently decreasing the overall costs of drug development."

"Thanks to significantly reduced costs of sequencing, the Firalis Biopred panel offers a highly sophisticated and sensitive solution to profile thousands of mRNA targets on our HTG platform, the world-wide unique platform profiling mRNA signatures from whole blood without RNA extraction," said Dr. E. Schordan, Director of Molecular Diagnostics at Firalis.

Increasing numbers of biological therapies developed during the last few decades offer improved therapeutic options for key immune-inflammatory disorders. "Biopred panel profiling tool may help physicians to make the right diagnosis and therapeutic choice for each patient in function to their disease activity level." said Prof. C. Jorgensen, a KoL who first retrospectively tested the panel in a cohort of patient samples to identify biomarkers of drug-free remission.

Biopred panel


Firalis is a biotechnology company with a mission to improve disease outcome, therapeutic decisions and generate savings in healthcare industry. Through biomarker discovery, development and regulatory qualification, Firalis develops and markets biomarker based RUO (Research-use-only) and IVD (In-vitro- diagnostic) kits in the field of cardiovascular, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases with particular interest in rheumatoid arthritis. With a cutting-edge technology platform and a very high quality environment (ISO 9001, ISO 13845, ISO 17025 and NF S 96-900), Firalis provides a comprehensive range of biomarker services from research to clinical applications in key therapeutic areas. Additional information is available at

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