Rebiotix to Report on Development of its Microbiome Health Index

  • The Index is a measurement meant to assess the extent of microbiome restoration following microbiota based therapy
  • Rebiotix is developing two microbiota based formulations to treat C. difficile infections.

Rebiotix Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology part of the Ferring Pharmaceuticals Group, announced today that an expanded microbiome analysis using the proprietary Microbiome Health Index™ will be presented as an oral abstract at the annual United European Gastroenterology (UEG) Conference in Vienna, Austria.

The Microbiome Health Index is under development as a unidimensional metric to assess the extent in which a patient’s microbiome is restored after receiving a microbiota-based therapy; currently, the company is testing an enema formulation known as RBX2660 and a non-frozen, room temperature stable oral formulation, known as RBX7455 in clinical trials to prevent recurrence of Clostridium difficile infection. The team will present data collected from patients pre- and post-treatment from three clinical trials of RBX2660 or RBX7455.

“Even in the prototype stage, the MHI has provided invaluable insight as to how RBX2660 and RBX7455 restore patient microbiomes compared to the pre-treatment state,” said Dr. Ken Blount, Rebiotix Chief Scientific Officer and presenting author of the study. “We are excited to share our findings with our colleagues in hopes that our collective understanding of how the microbiome shapes health or indicates disease can be expanded. Although the MHI is in the early stages, its potential is enormous.”