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  1. Gong
    Compliance. The San Diego Bausch and Lomb vision care rep and manager should be fired. The stuff they do is over the top
  2. Reaper
    Brothman ...not a good therapy
  3. Reaper
    BS ladder climbing ignorance kills....literally inches endovascular arena
  4. Reaper
    Experience no counts
  5. IJBradford
    Can anyone tell me what pharma companies are not mandating the covid vaccine?
  6. Bob
    Has anyone heard of PLx Pharma under Eversana? Any offers yet?
  7. Karen S.
    Karen S.
    VIKOR SCIENTIFIC hands down is the most amazing company to be a part of!!
  8. Karen S.
    Karen S.
    I have been in the medical/pharma space for over 25 years and have never worked for a company as wonderful as VIKOR SCIENTIFIC!!I
  9. Luis Newman
    Luis Newman
    Andromedical is a urology laboratory expert in Men´s Health medical devices for Peyronie
  10. Kissing_Camels
    Educated successful prof in AZ seeking Intelligent Mature Classy Feminine pharma prof for adventures. Business Travelers preferred.
  11. Yvonne2000
  12. CuriousPharma
    Retired Pharma investor, looking for insights into all things pharma/
  13. Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Siptu is 20.40 a month u can apply on line real easy to do!!no other abbott employees will even know if u'v joined
  14. Power to the people
    Power to the people
    Union has formed in abbott vascular clonmel!!!!people should not be afraid fight for ur rights!!ye can join online totally private
  15. Gabe Health Copywriter
    Gabe Health Copywriter
    As a freelance health copywriter, I know there are many products out there. Anyone know the best drug or product for mild anxiety?
  16. Magnus
    Unplug the robot
  17. Melik
    Does any event know which company Labcorp uses for their backgrounds checks?
  18. Helen Mirren
  19. BelleoftheBall