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Field rides

Discussion in 'Tricks of the Trade' started by anonymous, Sep 16, 2016 at 4:34 AM.

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  1. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    LPT: Some great ways to stretch out a field ride, especially with a DM or RBM from out of the area:

    1. Drive ridiculous routes around town. What I mean is. Instead of taking the freeways, make up some BS excuse about how traffic is bad this time of day, and then drive side-streets most of, if not the entire time. It blows time between offices so I only see four or five offices MAX on these stupid milk-runs.
    2. If I HAVE to get on the freeway, I'm driving 60 in the far right lane behind all the big-rigs.
    3. Make sure to stop at the busiest Starbucks with the longest lines to get coffee for ALL your offices.
    4. Make lunch reservations at a super-busy place across town (but not TOO far) from the area you're visiting for that day.
    5. Drink a ton of water and hit the bathroom at every place you go, right before you'd normally leave.
    6. Try like hell to get your field rides scheduled for Friday. Everything is busier, lines are longer, officers are busier...

    It all adds up! Most managers are too stupid to notice and end up thinking you had a productive day. Derp.
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  2. anonymous

    anonymous Guest

    If you can't think of 10-15 cup cake providers to take them to, then you deserve to be fired.