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Henrietta Lacks

Discussion in 'Healthcare Reform Discussions' started by anonymous, May 6, 2019 at 10:29 PM.

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  1. anonymous

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    Bottom of Form

    I feel this book illustrated the significance of Henrietta Lack’s life, the impact on her family and her contributions to science. The author did a great job describing thoughts, feelings, and attributes of each character. This book really helped grow and develop a high level of awareness on health care ethnic and the legalities of privacy laws in health care.

    Skloot’s created a very neutral tone throughout the book. She provided a lot of information on how the Lacks family was treated, the influence of Henrietta’s cells on the medical community. She also provided background information from history and how society functioned at that time.

    I do agree with Lengaue’s quote” It's important to know about Henrietta Lacks". As the nurse and upcoming health care administrator, this helps us build on the past and learn form it. This allows us to build a strong evidenced based practice and benchmark laws effecting ethnics and privacy. Health care organizations are responsible for providing the highest-level care including protecting patients right through ethnical responsible and privacy laws.

    Reading this book has helped me develop awareness and understanding of ethics, research and privacy laws in the history of healthcare and present-day health care. As an upcoming heath care administrator, this book at also helps me have a more in-depth knowledge of regulations, laws and status how support them.

    I believe unethical behaviors can be reduced by having written policies that address such behaviors. If polices aren’t followed, then discipline should be enforced. For example, providing staff yearly education on policies that address conflict resolution, promoting positive moral in the workplace, and displaying social responsibility. All of these promote positive ethical behaviors. Another example is leadership role modeling a high standard of ethical accountability. Leadership transparency is very important and should be communicated as such. Another example is avoiding conflict of interest (Five Ethical Challenges in Healthcare", 2019). Health care providers can be a huge target from pharmaceutical companies.


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